Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hurry Hard! Curling (The Sport) Nails

Hey there!  I'm so proud of myself for getting this post done early tonight.  I have my first curling game of the season 15 minutes from now.  Well it was supposed to be a game but the other team cancelled so we're having a practice.  For anyone reading this that doesn't know what curling is, it's essentially a giant game of shuffleboard but on ice.  We take really heavy granite "rocks" and throw them down the ice ideally onto "the button" which is the small circle that, to a beginner like me, seems like it's about the size of a pinhead.  I'm new and I'm terrible at it but it's a lot of fun.  And it makes me feel very, very Canadian.  Especially since we usually precede the game or follow it up by having a beer and watching the hockey game.

To try to make something special for the start of curling, I tried to imitate the "house" (the circles you throw to).  I started with 2 coats of white polish followed with a coat of A England Morgan Le Fay to give it that icy shimmer.  I think added concentric circles with China Glaze Man Hunt and China Glaze With Love and white.

Unfortunately even my biggest dotting tool wasn't going to give me large enough circles to be able to get 3 more inside of it so I just kind of blobbed on the blue and tried to shape it into a circle so they're are miles away from being perfect circles.

Hopefully these are close enough that my teammates will know what they're supposed to be.   Mind you, two of my teammates are boys so they won't even notice.  If you'd like to see a really neat curling manicure, check this one out.

And because I think she's so beautiful, here is what Morgan Le Fay looked like over white before I added the dots.  I can tell I'm going to be using this a ton this winter for sparkling snow nails.

A England Morgan Le Fay - light box

A England Morgan Le Fay - direct light

And, just for fun, here's what a curling "sheet" looks like.

image source
'Til next time...

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