Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A England She Walks In Beauty Glitter Gradient and Love Chemistry Comparison

Hey there!  The title says it all eh?  I have two things to show you tonight: a glitter gradient and a comparison.

For this gradient I started with two coats of A England Iseult, a soft pink subtle silver-y shimmer from The Mythicals collection.  While this isn't as opaque as some of A England's polishes, it covers amazingly well for this shade of pink and I didn't find it to be streaky at all.  For the glitter gradient I used A England She Walks In Beauty from the Heavenly Quotes collection.  She Walks in Beauty is made up of a fine gold glitter, almost a foil, with larger pink hexes.  I love it's complicated, delicate texture.  And it helps that She Walks In Beauty is one of the only poems I remember from my days of English class, maybe because my name is almost in it :-)

Glitter gradients tend to intimidate me because I'm scared I'm going to get overzealous and use way too much glitter.  It's important to layer it on really lightly and add more as needed.  

Now onto the second part.  I was at Sephora the other day and saw their new Formula X polishes.  Among them I saw Love Chemistry and immediately thought of She Walks In Beauty.  So I spent the $15 just to prove they were dupes.  Not gonna lie, it doesn't make me happy to see intentional dupe-ing of an indie polish like A England when the original is still available...and less expensive than the dupe!  

What do you think?  Are they dupes? 

'Til next time...