Monday, 21 October 2013

Lichtenstein-inspired Comic Nail Decals

Hey there!  Today I want to show you some water decals I bought from I Heart Nail Art on Etsy, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's style.  I won't pretend to be into art (other than nail art, of course) but I really like this type of pop art.  And it seems to be all the rage lately.  I've even seen a few nail stamping images in this style.

The red I used is Zoya Sooki (2 coats).  For the nail decal, I started with a white base of CND Vinylux Cream Puff.  The directions said they should be placed over a light colored base.  That's approximately where I stopped following directions.  The directions did say to cut the decals to the shape of your nail. I didn't do that.  I'm more used to the water decals I buy from the Born Pretty Store that are very easy to clean up with acetone.  These decals were more plastic-y and didn't dissolve with acetone so, because I didn't cut them to size, I ended up with a big mess around my cuticles trying to get them to size.  Lesson learned for next time...

I also like that there are a lot of different images in this set so you can mix and match for a cool manicure.  I personally like the sad ones so I picked the crying eye.  And the lips simply because Sooki is such a perfect bright lipstick red.

The cute note that came with my order
So funny story...  Like I said, I like this style of art.  I have had a 3' x 3' canvas print of Roy Lichtenstein's Kiss V hanging in my apartment for 2 years.  Only now when I searched for an image of this painting to include here did I notice that I've had this hanging sideways all this time.  I had it hanging 90 degrees clockwise.  Against the laws of gravity I had her tears falling sideways and didn't even notice.

Roy Lichtenstein Kiss V (image source)
Now can I get your opinion?  Is this girl happy or sad?  I first saw it as the saddest picture ever like she was clutching the man as he was leaving but then a friend interpreted it as happy, like they're overjoyed to be back together or something.  Now I'm torn.  Which is it?

'Til next time...