Friday, 13 July 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does White/Nail Crazies Unite does Sea Creatures - Great White Sharks

Hey there!  And finally, I'm back to a stamping design for my final Digit-al Dozen White mani AND this week's Nail Crazies Unite prompt of Sea Creatures.  I wracked my brain for white sea animals and could only think of seals.  Luckily my sister is far more clever than I and she thought of great white sharks.  And, since Shark Week starts next weekend, it's almost perfect timing!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does White - Opals

Hey there!  Okay, let me start by saying that my fourth Digit-al Dozen does White design did not turn out how they did in my head.  Opals are my favourite stone and they're white (with flecks of awesomeness) so I thought that would make a good "white" mani.  I don't know what these turned into but they weren't very opalescent.  I think they were too sparkly.  But I'm using them anyway because the idea was still fun even if the execution was poor.  Plus it took awhile with all the gel polish curing so I'm sticking with them!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does White - Moonflowers

Hey there!  For my third Digit-al Dozen "white" nail art, I wanted to do some white flowers.  I suppose I could've done any floral nails in white, but I remembered that moonflowers are apparently white.  I don't think I've ever actually seen a moonflower but I love the Moonflower Polish brand so I thought I'd combine the polish with the nail art.  I tried with all my might to find a stamping plate that would work but, can you believe, I couldn't find a single moonflower image in all my plates?!  So I used the Moonflower Polish bottle and attempted to freehand them.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does White - White Wine

Hey there!  For my second "White" Digit-al Dozen mani, I did some stamping that I went with white wine.  I rarely drink wine and, when I do, I prefer it to be the bubbly sort so I think I would prefer white to red wine.  But honestly I don't know.  I really just stick with drinking beer (I'm such a good Canadian) but beer isn't white so we have wine nails for today.

Monday, 9 July 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does White - Clouds

Hey there!  It's a new Digit-al Dozen week!  This week we have the theme of "White".  I have a feeling I voted for this theme but when it came to actually doing my nails, I could only picture white nails...which would make for a mighty boring week.  Instead I tried to think of things that are white (or at least have white in their names) which was still challenging but kind of fun.  I'd been wanting to do cloudy nails for awhile and clouds are white so that's my day 1.

Friday, 6 July 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Least Favourite Color

Hey there!  This week's 26 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt is Least Favourite Color.  I do like most colors...except yellow.  But I just posted a yellow mani a few weeks ago and I genuinely couldn't bring myself to do another so I went with my second least favourite color....yellow's sister, orange.  I suppose it's slightly ironic that I actually LOVE the orange base polish that I used for this sunshine-y mani considering the theme.  Plus I added my favourite color to balance it out.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Tropical Reverse Leadlighting

Hey there!  For awhile now, all my nail art has either been for reviews or nail art challenge groups (which I feel the utmost need to keep up on) but today's nails was something I did entirely for fun.  I think I've mentioned that I recently bought the Essie Silk Colors sheer polishes to add to my leadlighting collection.  Since there really doesn't seem to be any white in any of them, I thought they'd be perfect for some reverse leadlighting.  I was motivated by @ladyandthe_stamp's #hawaiianshirtfriday and wanted to do a sort of Hawaiian shirt print myself.  But Friday's are always nail challenge group days for me (either 26 Great Nail Art Ideas or Nail Crazies Unite) so Tuesday it is!