Thursday, 30 March 2017

Floral Stamping on Chrome Nails

Hey there!  Today's post is one of a mani I wore just for fun.  No review, no challenge theme.  Just for me!  I know lots of people are sick of the chrome nail trend but I'm not one of them.  I've always loved silver nail polish and the more metallic, the better.  So when the chrome powders came out, even though I'm not a big gel polish user, I bought some from Born Pretty Store and no-wipe top coat, etc etc.  BUT that powder still looked grainy so I more recently bit the bullet and bought the silver (and gold...and rose gold) from Daily Charme since it looked even smoother.  And it really is so I guess it's worth the extra dollars.  And since I'm in Canada and our dollar exchange is terrible, it was a lot of extra dollars!  But the super chrome-y silver powder let me wear these and I loved them so I won't complain.

Floral Stamping On Chrome Nails

Floral Stamping On Chrome Nails

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Birthdays - March 2017

Hey there!  This month's Digit-al Dozen birthday mani is celebrating literally that.  A birth day!  This month Amber of Nails Like Lace had a brand new baby so us DD girls got sneaky and decided to say congratulations to her and her family with a baby mani just for her.  Since she's a baby girl I stuck with the pink theme and, in case you can't tell, her name is Lyla (and she is absolutely beautiful) so that's my nail art.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

UberChic Beauty Collection 15 Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today I think I have one of the brand new releases from UberChic Beauty.  This is Collection 15.  I don't think I've ever had a review of stamping plates up so quickly.  I was so excited to check out the new plates that I got to playing with them right away.  As usual, UberChic's plate quality is second to none.  I used a couple different brands of stamping polish in today's review and they worked easily.  I hope my mix of manis today entice you enough to check out this new set of plates.  I liked them so much that I'm wearing an additional mani today that I did with them that I'll probably post next week so it's a guarantee that you'll be seeing more of this soon from me!

UberChic Beauty Collection 15

Monday, 27 March 2017

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Black & White #2

Hey there!  It's so Monday that my brain has refused to turn on all day so today I decided to blog some super simple stamping - one base color, one stamping color.  This easy peasy look is the second design I did for this month's Nail Challenge Collaborative theme of Black & White.  The simple color scheme mixes with the simple look pretty nicely, in my opinion.

Black & White Nail Stamping

Black & White Nail Stamping

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Lacquester Swatches

Nothing to Disclose/Press  Sample

Hey there!  As much time as I spend online, it does happen that I miss out on amazing brands.  Luckily, we have stockists to bring introduce us to brands we might not have heard of otherwise.  That was the case for me with Lacquester, a Dutch indie brand who has been around for a couple of years.  I saw people asking Color4Nails to bring it in so I googled and fell in love.  During their first stock of Lacquester I bought a pile of them. When I received my order it included a few extras for me to swatch but I decided to swatch them all just in case you also needed a new indie to love.  It just so happens that most of these are being restocked tomorrow at 11 am Pacific Time so set your alarms.  Since they're mostly out of stock today, the links I have here might not work but I'll try to fix them when they're restocked.  There was something about these that cried out for a matte top coat as well so I tried all of them with glossy AND matte top coat so there's a ton of photos in this post.  I hope you like them!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Nail Crazies Unite - Sweets

Hey there!  Today's Nail Crazies Unite themes is Sweets.  I thought for sure that I'd use the latest Bundle Monster set since one of those plates is loaded with sweets but then I went on a huge jelly bean binge.  By huge I mean I ate a kilogram of jelly beans in a month.  That's A LOT of jelly beans. So while I was in the middle of my binge, I decided to try to freehand some jelly bean nails.  My colors didn't match the real jelly beans at all but I think the colors I used look even more delicious than the real thing.  Great, now I'm wishing I had that big bag of Jelly Belly's back...

Jelly Bean Nail Art

Jelly Bean Nail Art

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Nail Challenge Collaborative - Black & White #1

Hey there!  I've only been a member of the Nail Challenge Collaborative group for a few months but it seems that I've been super consistent in leaving my posts until almost the end of the month.  This month we're doing a theme of Black & White and I knew right away I wanted to do some form of marble nail art.  I did a different one first but it was so bad I deleted all evidence of it.  But this one I liked enough to wear for days.  I liked how my Cindy hand turned out even more but didn't take a single photo of it so you'll have to take my word on it!

marble nail art

marble nail art