Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Picture Polish Freya's Cats, Cosmos & Hope Stripes

Hey there!  Tonight's manicure was done using three of Picture Polish's awesome blue shades:  Freya's Cats, Cosmos and Hope.  All three of these are collaboration shades made with bloggers and all three are blue jellies with scattered holographic particles.  You would think that would mean they might be similar, right?  Wrong!  All three of these absolutely have a right to exist separately.

  I started with a base of a plain white and, once dry, started taping off my stripes using thin striping tape.  I have never had that much tape on my hands before!  Then I started painting the blues using a small nail art brush so I wouldn't overlap into the next stripe.  I started in the corner closest to my cuticle using  Freya's Cats, the newest shade.  It's the brightest of the blues here.  After Freya's Cats is Cosmos, a medium blue and then Hope, the darkest of the three (I showed Hope on it's own here).  

Hopefully you can see how different the blues actually are.  Cosmos was the first one I had bought and didn't buy the others right away because I thought they'd be similar and I wouldn't need all three but I'm happy I have all of them.  I don't know why I thought Picture Polish would put out something that wasn't completely original...silly me.  

Since I painted all my stripes before I removed the tape there were some ridges and some places I had to try to fix up but I think it turned out okay.  

Awkward three bottle shot
Can you tell how much I love Picture Polish's colors?  I use them constantly.  I don't have a big stash of previous manicures in the vault but I can tell you I already have one of a gradient I did using Picture Polish pastels.  I'll get it up here soon.  Can't wait to see what they come out with next!

I purchased Cosmos and Hope from Nail Polish Canada and Freya's Cats from Llarowe.  

'Til next time...

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