Wednesday, October 30, 2019

2019 Summer/Autumn UberChic Beauty Releases

Press  Sample

Hey there!  In my blogger-slackness I have a big backlog of UberChic Beauty releases that I haven't posted which has included tons of new stamping plates, a couple of gorgeous polishes and some nail care items.  I feel terrible that I haven't gotten these up until now.  Once I'm a bit behind I fall WAY behind and that's where I am now.  However I'm excited that I'm finally sharing them since all the items are the usual amazing quality I've come to expect from Brittany.  I even have a few more at home so you can expect some of the really new releases to be found here soon!  But in the meantime, buckle in for a ton of nail goodness!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Colors That Collide - Autumn Gradient with Stamping

Hey there!  Tonight's post is my attempt at finishing up a Digit-al Dozen theme for the first time in 3 months.  I gotta say, with moving and another major personal life change, nails have really taken a backburner but that's gotta stop.  Nails make me so happy, especially the DD group!  Hence me forcing myself to finish this month, just a week late.  Our theme of Colours That Collide made for some fun ways to make color collisions for me.  Gradients are definitely my favourite way of getting colors all up close and personal with each other so that was my final technique of the week.  Since I stuck with fall-colors for the rest of the week, this one is no different.

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Colors That Collide - Autumn Fluid Nail Art

Hey there!  For my fourth Digit-al Dozen Colors That Collide mani, I decided to try my hand at fluid nail art again.  I was super inspired after seeing Cathy of More Nail Polish's week of fluid nail art designs.  Since I've been sticking with fall colors this week, I did mine with Painted Polish's fall stamping cremes from a couple of years ago.  I've had this one for two straight days and I'm still loving it.  I just hate how much polish this kind of nail art takes, especially since I don't have much of the cell-creating polishes and no easy way to get more.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Colors That Collide - Autumn Layered Stamping

Hey there!  Hope everyone has had a lovely Thursday.  It's Day 4 of The Digit-al Dozen's Colors That Collide week (though only my third post cause I still haven't caught up).  I was googling autumn colors and saw this picture which became my inspiration for this collision of colors.  I ended up really liking it.  It might end up being my favourite of the week.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Colors That Collide - Halloween Splatter Nails

Hey there!  I'm a bit late tonight.  I decided that going out with one of my best pals and my sis was worth having to blog a bit later than usual.  And it totally was.  It was such a fun night!  And these were my mani for the night!  For my second Colors That Collide mani, I thought a splatter mani definitely represents a collision of nail polish.  Unfortunately the colors were just boring old black and white but I used the most amazing flakie orange polish base resulting in a pretty fun halloween design.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Digit-al Dozen does Colors That Collide - Autumn Camo

Hey there!  Yup, I'm the worst!  I haven't blogged in a month and I'm already a day late for this month's first Digit-al Dozen day.  I've really got to get my priorities in check.  I didn't even finish blogging last month's theme even though I had them all done.  But I'm determined to get this month's done, even if I'm late!  This month our group is doing a theme of Colors That Collide.  At first I just thought I'd do contrasting colors but nah, let's go with colors smashing into each other!  For the last week I've been a little obsessed with fall colors so I think I'll just do fall colors this week.  I'm not sure why.  It's been fall here for quite awhile (seriously, it never did feel like summer this year) but there's a single tree I drive by on my way home from work that I'm in love with.  It's a lovely red to yellow gradient, all on its own so I think it's the tree's fault.  Or maybe it's that we've already had some flurries so I need to get my fall nails in while I can!