Monday, 30 September 2013

Essie Van D'Go & Beyond Cozy

Hey there!  Tonight I'm sharing a really simple manicure.  Quite simply it was two coats of Essie Van D'go and, on an accent nail, two coats of Beyond Cozy.

Van D'Go is a nice pink.  How to explain's not super pink pink but it's pinker than a coral.  It is nice and opaque but felt a little thick to me.  It's easy to get ridges if you're not careful.

Beyond Cozy is a silver-y gold glitter.  It's definitely a full coverage glitter so prepared for the struggle that is removing glitter.

And now for a pat on my own back.  I'm up to 100 Instagram followers.  I know that's nothing in the land of nail blogs but I'm still pretty proud of it :-)

I purchased both of these polishes from Nail Polish Canada.

'Til next time...

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