This policy is valid as of December 30, 2013.

This is a personal blog run, written and edited by me, Serene Wohlgemuth.  If you have any questions about this blog email me at copycatclaws at gmail dot com

Disclosure Buttons

Though I am a Canadian blogger, I find it good practice to abide by FTC guidelines regarding product review disclosure.  There are three disclosure buttons which will be found on each post I write from this date forward.  Numerous buttons maybe be used in a single post if products used fall into more than one category.
  • Nothing to Disclose: This button indicates that the products used in the post were either purchased by me, received as winnings in a contest/giveaway, or was a gift from a personal friend.  They have not been given to me for review.  However my thoughts on these products will be honest and unbiased. 
  • Press Sample:  This button indicates that the products used in the post were provided to me by a manufacturer or PR firm without cost to me.  This will not influence my opinion on the product and thereby will not influence what I write about the product.  My review will remain honest and unbiased.  
  • Affiliate Link:  This button indicates that the post contains an affiliate link.  Purchases made by the reader through this type of link will provide me with a small commission but the price the reader pays remains unchanged.

Product Reviews

Copycat Claws is happy to discuss the potential to review products that are pertinent to this blog.  Products received do not represent a contract for a published review or for the content of any published review.  Products reviewed are not guaranteed a favourable review.  I insist on providing readers with my honest opinions to ensure my reviews are fair and unbiased.  
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