Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Essie The Lace is On

Hey there!  Tonight I have a simple, pretty manicure to show.  This is Essie's The Lace Is On, a pretty pinky purple polish from Essie's Fall 2013 collection.  I added the dainty lace-style roses using Essie's Nothing Else Metal, a metallic lilac shade and  MoYou London's Tourist 07 XL plate.  This is one of the plates I won from MoYou's Facebook contest!

Here is The Lace is On by itself.  It also has an almost metallic look to it.  This is two coats plus topcoat.  It's gorgeous, applied beautifully but it did stain my nails pink a tiny bit.  

After this dried, I quickly stamped on the rose pattern using Essie Nothing Else Metals and this plate from MoYou London's Tourist Collection.  In case you haven't tried these plates yet, you should run and get them.  These plates are flawless.  

Of course, in typical me fashion, there's a flaw in my stamping on my middle finger.  Like I said yesterday, I have a tendency to make little mistakes and the idea of re-doing an entire nail for something so minor tends to be too daunting.  

And, finally, I thought this would look nice with a matte topcoat, Essie Matte About entirely Essie manicure.  

I think with the matte topcoat, The Lace Is On looks almost duochrome.  What do you think, should I have left it shiny?

Thanks for reading!  'Til next time...