Me in a nutshell...

...well not literally.

When I'm following nail polish blogs I like knowing a bit about the person behind the nails so I thought I should share a little snippet of me.

Me!  Very excited to try pizza on a stick.
I'm a 30-something girl (I say girl because I still don't think I'm a grown up) from Edmonton, AB, Canada who just happens to really like nail polish.  I have a PhD in Genetics & Molecular Biology so by day I play with DNA and at night I play with my bottles of nail polish friends.  That doesn't make me sound crazy...does it?!

I'm not sure where my addiction came from.  I used to paint my nails when I was a young'un but I hadn't really thought about nail polish in 10 years.  Then my sister bought a couple bottles of nail polish and I was hooked.  I'm not a girl-y girl.  I'm usually in hoodies and jeans without a scrap of make-up on but there's just something about having cute nails that keeps life interesting.  And it's good therapy.  It's harder to be crabby if you're wearing neon pink nail polish :-)

I play a little ultimate frisbee which is pretty much just an excuse to dress silly, drink some beer and hang out with good people.

Neon for 80's aerobic instructor theme night

During our (too short) summers I head to the lake a lot where I get to wakeboard, waterski, read, relax.

And I get to see the northern lights and look at stars.  Space is cool.

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Amy F. said...

This was fun to read! Like you, I hadn't touched nail polish since I was a youngin' and then one day decided to get some glittery gold nail polish for my toes. After that, my collection grew to what it is now, about 800 bottles! Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself.