Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pretty Serious Haddonfield & Crystal Lake

Hey there!  Happy Halloween!!!  As promised, today I have a cool Halloween polish to show you.  Actually I have two.  Both Crystal Lake and Haddonfield are from Pretty Serious' Halloween collection, Killer Fangirls.  There's also a third polish in the collection called Elm Street but I didn't purchase that one.   I'll let the pictures do the talking.  They explain things better than I do.

Pretty Serious Haddonfield

Pretty Serious Crystal Lake

I'll start with Haddonfield because it's the one I'm wearing today.  Isn't it just the perfect Halloween polish?!?  Haddonfield is the town that the Halloween horror franchise is located in.  I had to google that because I was WAY too scared of scary movies when I was little and everyone was watching them.  Well technically I was born the year the first Halloween was released so I guess I can't be blamed for not catching it in theatres.

Anyways, back to the polish.  Haddonfield in an orange jelly with tiny and hex orange glitter and black shards.  It applied great.  I used 3 coats here but that was mostly to cover the little blank spots I was leaving on the corners of my nails as I was applying it.  Now that I'm comparing my nails to these pictures, it's a bit more coppery in real life than the pics are showing.    

Haddonfield macro

Crystal Lake is the setting for the Friday the 13th movies, as well as being a beautiful polish.  This one has a aqua blue jelly base, fine and small blue glitter and iridescent hex glitter.  It's not a colour I would think of for a Halloween collection but it is a great representation of a crystal blue lake.  It has a reflective, foil-y look to it.  

Crystal Lake macro

I love that both of these give you just that little extra.  The black shards in Haddonfield and the iridescent glitter in Crystal Lake really set these colors apart from most.  Pretty Serious is fantastic at taking a good idea and making it freakin' awesome.  

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween.  Be safe and enjoy the candy!  Hope no one pulls any tricks on you!  

'Til next time...

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