Thursday, October 17, 2013

Picture Polish Fairy Floss, Tiffany and Wisteria Gradient

Hey there!  Well the title of my post says it all, doesn't it?  Here is a girly gradient for you with Picture Polish's Fairy Floss (pink), Tiffany (blue) and Wisteria (purple).

It's not the smoothest gradient ever but I have always like pink, purple and blue together.  It's definitely the half of the color spectrum that I prefer.  To do this I started with a white base so that I could get all three colors opaque without changing any of them like can happen when you start with a base of one of the gradiented polishes.

When I wore these a couple of weeks ago I felt it was missing a little something to I added a coat of OPI's Pirouette My Whistle, a dainty topper with with fine silver glitter and white hex glitter.  I go to this one a lot when I want to make something a bit more feminine.

'Til next time...

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