Monday, 22 October 2018

Esmaltes da Kelly Stamping Polish Swatches

Press  Sample

Hey there!  I hope everybody had a great weekend.  I got to go see the writer/director Kevin Smith do a Q & A last night so I'm still happy from that.  I've seen him a lot (he has a strange love for Edmonton so he's here relatively often) but I always love it.  Anyway, enough about my weekend and onto the nails.  Last week I posted about the Esmaltes da Kelly I Love Paris collection and promised to be back this week with more swatches of her polish.  I received a random assortment of other EdK polishes from Beautometry to try out so it's a bit of a mish mash post.  There's some of the Animals cremes, Nebula Ultra Holos and a couple from the Star Wars collection.  I've previously swatched some Animals and Nebulas so if you'd like to see those as well, you can find that post here.

As usual, I tried these over black and white polish using the Esmaltes da Kelly KN01 plate and swatched 2 coats on their own.  For many of these, 1 coat was plenty opaque.  The formula of the Animals polishes is quite thick (since it is stamping polish).  It's certainly usable alone but I thought I'd give you a heads up, just in case you like a thinner formula.  The formula of the Nebulas and Star Wars polishes was more typical and were issue free. The photos were taken in my light box with 5K light bulbs.  For the Nebula polishes, I'll also include a photo in direct light to show just how holographic they are (trust me, the holo is strong in these).  


medium green

bright blue

medium slightly blue toned pink
stamps more like neon pink over white

pastel neon coral pink

dark dusty purple


dove grey

pastel neon green
hard to see over white

pastel neon peach

Nebula Ultra Holos

silver holo
less opaque than others (2-3 coats shown)
doesn’t show up well over white

warm toned brown holo
1 coat was opaque

cobalt blue holo
not very visible over black
thinner formula but still opaque 

magenta holo
(excuse my wrinkled up pinky...I'm impatient sometimes...)

Star Wars 

burgundy wine red with shimmer
very opaque

light grey with copper, silver particles

Some of these polishes are sold out at the moment but I know Beautometry will be restocking them.  I believe I even read that she'll be having a pre-order.  I'm not sure if that will apply to all the EdK polishes or just the new ones but keep your eyes open.  I've found that the Facebook group is the easiest way to stay informed.

$8 USD (Animals and Star Wars)
$10 USD (Nebula Ultra Holos)
Available at Beautometry

'Til next time...

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