Thursday, 18 October 2018

Esmaltes da Kelly I Love Paris Collection Swatches

Press  Sample

Hey there!  I hope everyone is having a great day!  I'm back today with more polishes available from Beautometry.  I use my Esmaltes da Kelly Animals creme polishes a lot for nail art but she doesn't only make cremes.  She makes beautiful holos as well.  Today I'm sharing the I Love Paris collection.     I'm unsure if these were designed to be stamping polish but, since they're so opaque, they work great for stamping.  Hopefully my swatches give you an idea of how they look on their own (as regular polish) and as stamping polish.

I don't usually do photos of just bottles of polish but I love these labels too much to not show them off.  They're so vintage and pretty!  

Each of these are shown as two coats or as stamping with Esmaltes da Kelly's KN1 stamping plate.  They were quite shiny on their own but I added Seche Vite top coat (mostly to help with drying time so I could go take photos sooner without wrecking them).  As you can see, when stamping over white, the color is more prominent; over black, you get a stronger holo effect.  The first photo and the close-ups were taken in a light box with artificial 5K light.  For the final photo of each, I used direct artificial light to show more of how holo they are.  It's not as good as sunshine would've been but since I do my nails at night, sunshine isn't an option.  These polishes are 3-free.

olive green holographic

slightly grey-toned blue

soft pink, almost rose gold
more brushstrokes than others but still my favourite of the collection

rusty red holographic

wine-toned red holographic 
stamping over white bled when top coat was applied
stained my stamper so be careful when applying/removing - it could stain skin too

dark yellow holographic

These polishes are all currently in stock at Beautometry, along with many other Esmaltes da Kelly polishes.  Next week I should have swatches of some random bits of other collections so keep your eyes open for that too, especially if you like EdK polish!  

$10 USD each
Available at Beautometry

'Til next time...

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