Monday, 15 October 2018

Hit The Bottle Stamping Polish Swatches

Press  Sample/Nothing to Disclose

Hey there!  Today I have a monstrous Hit The Bottle swatch post to share with you guys which I think will be useful for any of you trying to pick a stamping polish.  Between purchases and press samples from Beautometry (an international stockist for Hit The Bottle), I have most of the stamping polishes released to date.  The swatches might look a tad different since they were used at different times over the last year or so and sometimes I adjust the lighting or white balance to get them as color accurate as possible.  There are a few I'm missing (including the newest ones) but hopefully this will still be a  helpful reference.  I debated (and polled) whether to split this into numerous posts but decided on doing one giant blog post.  But, to make it easier, I'll attempt to link to the different color families so, if you're looking for a single color, you can jump to that section.  But feel free to look around.  A few of the colors could belong in different sections.

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dark purplish-red shimmer/metallic

bright red shimmer

slightly pink red shimmer/metallic


deep bright pink creme

Psycho Pink
hot pink shimmer/metallic

neon pink creme

Barbie Doll-licious
bright pink creme with slight shimmer

Under The Strobe-berry Lights
warm-toned pink holographic

Drunk Tank Pink
pale pink creme

I'm Pinking of Blue
pink with blue shimmer 

Musk Have The Holo
cool-toned pink holographic

Roseglow Gold
rose gold metallic

Having A Quiet Pink
pale cool-toned pink creme

Bubblegum Bliss
pastel pink creme


Apricot Sour
pastel peach creme

Let's Go To The Peach
peach-orange creme

Burnt Orange
orange shimmer/metallic

Orange You Excited?
neon orange creme (more neon, in real life)

Midnight Pumpkin
orange creme with slight shimmer

Copper-Haired Girl
copper shimmer/metallic

Yellow and Gold

The Yolk Is On You
bright yellow creme
darker than other yellows

To Have And To Gold
golden yellow shimmer/metallic

Hello Buttercup
bright yellow shimmer/metallic

Shazam Yellow
green-leaning neon yellow creme

Calypso Gold
cool-toned antique gold shimmer/metallic

A Glint Of Gold
holographic gold

Spun Gold
soft golden shimmer/metallic

Lemon Meringue Fizz
pastel yellow creme


Peppermint Zombie
pastel lime green creme

Cactus Juice
medium green shimmer/metallic

I Dream of Greenie
bright medium green creme with slight shimmer

Lucky Spark
green holographic

Tipsy Grasshopper
blue-leaning green creme

Seas The Day
almost neon teal creme

Ectoplasm Green
neon green creme

On The Loose With Chartreuse
mossy green with golden shimmer

It Mossed Be Love
olive green shimmer

Peacock Shimmer
teal/turquoise with green shimmer

teal shimmer/metallic

Sea What I Green?
deep green shimmer/metallic

Emeralds Are Forever
emerald green shimmer/metallic

The Huntress Awaits
dark forest green creme with slight shimmer


Navy Jone's Locker
dark navy blue creme with slight shimmer

I Blue It All On Polish
royal blue shimmer/metallic

Electric Indigo
blue-purple shimmer

A Bolt From The Blue
bright blue shimmer/metallic

neon blue creme

electric blue shimmer/metallic 

Hololulu Blue
blue holographic

Sparkling Cyan-ide
aqua blue shimmer

Smurf Blood
sky blue creme

Pool Party
aqua shimmer/metallic 

Arctic Cloudberry
pastel aqua creme

Blueberry Dewdrops
pastel periwinkle creme


Iced Mauve-jito
pastel slightly cool-toned purple creme

Stop and Smell the Lilacs
pastel warm-toned purple creme

I Lilac It Like That
cool-toned medium purple creme

Lavender Squall
greyish purple creme with slight shimmer

Prismatic Purple
cool-toned purple holographic

High Voltage Violet
neon purple creme

Purple Dragon
bright warm-toned medium purple 
(less neon than High Voltage Violet)

Amethyst Sizzle
warm-toned purple holographic

Paint The Town Violet
bright warm-toned purple shimmer/metallic

Grape Minds Think Alike
dark greyish-purple creme

Call A Plumber
rich warm purple creme

eggplant purple shimmer/metallic


Make Mine A Mudslide
chocolate brown creme with slight shimmer

Espresso Martini
warm-toned brown shimmer/metallic

The Drunken Elf
medium brown with strong green shimmer

Everyday I'm Truffling
golden brown shimmer/metallic

Champagne Shifter
pink-leaning golden shimmer/metallic
(far less pink than Roseglow Gold)

Taupe-lessly Devoted
taupe creme with slight shimmer

Grey and Silver

Flock of Seagulls
light grey creme

Looking For Mr. Grey
medium grey creme

Beyond The Greige
dark grey-ish brown creme

Holo There Beautiful!
silver holographic 

silver metallic

white shimmer with silvery pearl appearance

Black and White

My Suitor Wears Pewter
charcoal shimmer

Shadows of Darkness
black shimmer/metallic

As Black As Night
black creme 
(excuse the very well-loved bottle)

Snowed In
white creme

Thanks for making it to the end!  Hit The Bottle really is one of my go-to stamping polish brands.  If you haven't tried them yet, I don't think you'd be disappointed by them.  Beautometry is always one of the first stockists to get them and the folks that work there are incredible sweethearts.  I must thank them for the press sample polishes they've added to my collection!  

$8 USD each
Available at Beautometry

'Til next time...

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