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Esmaltes Da Kelly Stamping Polish (Animals and Nebulas) Swatches

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Hey there!  I have a really exciting post today.  I'm someone who is always on the look out for new stamping polish, especially 3-free ones I can use as regular polish, so I ordered some of the Esmaltes da Kelly stamping polish from Beautometry.  Since this is a Brazilian brand, Beautometry is the only place I know to get these in North America.  Maybe you've seen me use some of these already in other nail art and stamping lately.  I hadn't seen many stamping swatches of these so I offered to swatch the ones I bought and the lovely owner asked if I'd swatch extras as well (and I happily agreed).  She sent me the ones they had in stock from the Animals (cremes) collection and Nebulas (holographic) collection.  I hope my photos demonstrate the stamping ability of these polishes and help you decide between similar colors.  There are a few more than I could fit in my collage so keep reading to see them all.

I swatched all of these with the same stamping plate (KN01 also from Beautometry) and finished with KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat.  Each of the swatched nails are mostly 2 coats but these are super opaque and are a lot of them are fine at one coat.  A couple notes I had is that a lot of these do have "ugly bottle syndrome" (when you can see the white pigment).  It looks like the polish has separated but it hasn't and it doesn't affect the performance at all.  Also remember, these aren’t regular polish so they’re not expected to act as such.  Sometimes their formula is more difficult but since I’ll be using them for stamping, gradients, or reverse stamping, their smoothness doesn’t matter to me.  But in case anyone is using them as regular polish, I still noted their application.

color: Neon red (leans orange)
application: 2 coats.  Thick formula that didn’t really self level.

color: neon red (leans more orange than Joana).  Is much more neon in real life.
application: 2 coats but one was opaque.  Was very thick.  I added about 15 drops of thinner to get it to transfer.  Dried very matte and very quickly.  

color: neon coral (more orange leaning in real life but much more pink than Cleo)
application: Very smooth.  2 coats but opaque at 1. 

color: A pastel-neon coral.  Seems to be a more pastel version of Buffy.  
application: very smooth.  2 coats but opaque at 1.

color: medium bubble gum pink
application: A bit thick but manageable .  2 coats but opaque at 1. 

color: Barbie pink or fuschia (way more pink than purple).  
application: Smooth.  2 coats but 1 was fine.  

Edwiges (owl)
color: medium purple with a bit of dusty red
application: Smooth.  2 coats.

color:slightly brownish pink (mauve)  It's more pink than something like cafe au lait. The website photo looks far more pink than mine.  
application: A bit ridgy.  2 coats.

color: medium purple (just slightly muted or dusty)
application: thick but easy.  1 coat.

color: more vibrant medium purple/violet
application: Very nice formula.  1 coat

color: pink-toned purple
application: Smooth and easy. 1 coat.  Top coat seemed to lighten it a touch.

color: medium purple (blue-toned)
application: Smooth.  1 coat

color: cool toned lilac (blue-toned)
application: So smooth!  1 coat

color: dark denim blue (dusty) 
application: Perfect.  2 coats.

color: medium perwinkle blue with a hint of dusty purple
application: Creamy.  Used 2 coats just to cover a couple sparse spots.

color: bright medium blue (almost identical color to original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue)
application: Thinner but still opaque.  One coat should be fine but did 2 coats.

color: cornflower blue
application: creamy, good  thickness.  2 coats but one was fine.

color: perfect turquoise
application: Perfect.  1 coat.  

color: neon slightly green-toned aqua 
application: smooth. 1 coat. 
Possibly my favourite of them all!

color: neon green (more neon in real life)
application: good but seemed like it wasn't fully mixed. Easy to stamp compared to other neons. 1 coat which is amazing for neon.

color: spring green (green with just a hint of yellow) 
application: good.  1 coat.

color: dusty spring green 
application: great.  Looked very separated but applied easily. 1 coat.  Darker than website photo.

color: neon yellow
application: very opaque for a neon yellow.  One coat covered but seemed ridgy so used 2

color: very similar to Kaa, with more white added
application: Good.  Needed the second coat to smooth it out.  

color: pale butter yellow
application: Smooth.  2 coats

color: bright yellow-orange
application: A bit thick.  2 coats

color: neon light peach
application: great (1-2 coats)

color: neon peach (slightly darker than Felinda)
application: great.  2 coats.

color: darker orange-leaning neon coral
application: Great.  1 coat

color: medium orange
application: good, creamy.  1  coat 

color: rusty orange
application: Great. 1 coat.

color: Orange-toned brown like a carmel or butterscotch
application: Good but very separated into brown and bright pink.

color: wine-toned brown or warm chocolate brown (darker version of Lolly)
application: totally smooth.  2 coats only to cover ridges

color: Pink with a hint of brown.  Lighter than the website photo.
application: really good .  2 coats.

color: Dark brown with hint of grey.  However top coat changed it drastically to greenish.
application: easy.  2 coats.
-top coat totally changes from brown to greenish

color: greige 
application: Great.  1 coat 

color: white 
application: Okay but not the best white ever.  Easy 2 coats though.  

I’m not sure these are meant to be stamping polish but since they’re so opaque I thought I could test them out for stamping AND swatching.  These are really pigmented with a strong holo, without being too pale or silver like most strong holographics are.  I have two photos of each, the first in a light box with 5K day light bulbs and the second with an LED lamp.  I read that they’re better for capturing the holo effect but it certainly isn’t as good as sunlight (which is sorely lacking at this time of year here).

color: teal
application: 2 coats. Perfect formula. I did my swatches without base and didn’t stain. 

color: dark slightly dusty purple 
application: 2 coats. 1 was opaque but formula was a bit thick so I thought second coat would even it out. 

color: dark teal.  Darker than Caranquejo.
application: another great formula.  Used 2 coats but could have been 1.

color: dark green 
application: good application.  2 coats.

color: a much brighter, lighter green
application: Great formula.  But this is the first one that actually needed the second coat (therefore the stamping is more sheer).
color: medium blue-toned purple 
application: good formula.  Another one coater but did 2, to cover ridges more than anything.

color: light olive green with a golden feel to it
application: Good but the lighter color required 2 coats.  

Some of these are currently out of stock but I suggest joining Beautometry's Facebook group for updates on restocks, etc.  Or to just see beautiful manis done with Beautometry's products.  

$8 USD each (Animals)
$10 USD each (Nebulas)
Available at Beautometry

'Til next time...

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