Tuesday, 16 October 2018

UberChic Beauty Bling Pickup & Placement Tool Review

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Hey there!  Today I have another one of the nail art tools available from UberChic Beauty.  I think most of us think only of plates when we hear about UberChic BUT she also has a range of tools and lifestyle items.  Over the years I've tried out her stampers, clean up brushes, striping brushes, plate holder and the list goes on...  Today I'm sharing the Bling Pickup & Placement tool, a little invention that helps pick up and placing any of your nail art accoutrements (can you believe that was honestly the first word to pop into my head...I'm getting so fancy 😂)!  I'd been tempted to try older (and far more expensive) tools similar to this but I'm glad I waited since hers is beautiful AND inexpensive!

$9.99 USD

Here's a look at what the tool consists of.  On the right, you can see the wax end of the tool.  This easily picks up your bling.  But do it gently.  I was a bit more aggressive while trying to pick up some heavy stones and I did break a tiny little piece off.  On the left, that's the placement side of things.  You use it to push the bling down into your top coat to make it adhere better.  

I had bought this little container of multicoloured stones from Born Pretty awhile ago and really wanted to do a full mani with them.  If not for this tool I would've had to use tweezers for every single one of those because my usual "licking a tooth pick" method definitely wouldn't have worked for these.  Even though these stones are large and heavy and stick up in all directions, this tool made quick work of them.  It was challenging to get them to stick to the nail glue I had on my nail but the placement tool was handy for that.  I ended up with this psychedelic rock garden on my hands for a day before some of the stones started popping off.

I also wanted to see how it'd work with regular crystals so I did a mani using UberChic Beauty 17-02 with Mundo de Unas Black, Tonic Polish Superstar and Tonic Polish Lizard Dance and used the pickup tool to add red rhinestones to the flower centres.  I thought this worked well with the rocks but it zoomed through these few rhinestones even more easily.  As long as you have the round side of your jewel sticking up, the tool should pick them up like nothing.  

There are my thoughts on the Bling Pickup & Placement Tool.  If you're curious at what else she's offering for tools, the entire list can be found here.  

Available at UberChic Beauty

'Til next time...

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