Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Candy Corn Halloween Nail Art

Hey there!  For the first time in ages, I'm all caught up on items to review so I've been getting to do my nails just for funsies.  Since it's Halloween next week, I've done a couple Halloween manis already and have at least two more things I've like to wear.  I'm sure some people are probably tired of Halloween nails but, since it's such a good holiday for nail art, I hope you'll bear with me.  I don't think I've done a candy corn mani since 2015 so I thought it was about time for a new one!

This candy corn is ~90% Moonflower Polish.  All the black is Noche.  The candy corn and gradient is Amarillo and Anaranjado.  The only non-Moonflower is the white, because I've run out of Dia so I had to use Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  

For the stamping, I used UberChic Beauty Halloween 03.  On the black nails, I stamped with white and then used the trick I mentioned last week and pulled everything off the stamper except for one candy corn using the waxy end of UberChic's Bling Pickup and Placement tool.  I filled those with yellow and orange and stamped onto tacky nails.  

The final step was adding a matte top coat, Vibrant Vinyls You Matte-r.  

That's all for today.  I hope you liked these.  I can't promise I'm going to wait another 3 years for another candy corn mani but I don't think there will be another one this year.  

'Til next time...

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