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Delush Polish The Signature Trio Review

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Hey there!  In February, Delush Polish celebrated their fifth birthday.  What a huge accomplishment eh?  The indie polish world is a competitive one but Adrianaa has absolutely made her mark on it.  To commemorate the achievement, she released The Signature Trio, a collection of 3 polishes each with a bit of Delush's signature style in them.  Delush has mastered the glitter/jelly polish finish and these three beauties are just that.  While they all have the large circle glitter that I have always loved, mazingly, they're all so different.  I don't know how she does it...

I made a note when I was swatching these that they all have such a good glitter load so, to avoid all the glitter ending up together on the nail, it's best to apply these with short swipes.  That helps me keep them spread out.  Also, because these all have large glitter in them, you'll need a good layer of top coat to make them completely smooth.  All my swatches were only 2 coats (I was expecting more) with 2 coats of top coat. 

"A rich cobalt blue jelly featuring captivating blend of our bold signature large circle glitters, accented with color shifting sparkle, that’s sure to be the life of the party!"

A bright blue jelly with magenta, purple and blue glitters.  Most of the glitter appears to be circles of different sizes but there's some hex glitter in there as well.  This one is absolutely packed to the rim with glitter.  The insane amounts of glitter plus the color makes this one my favourite.

"A sassy red jelly gleaming with a fiery blend of our signature circle, holographic glitters and sparkling flakies, that’s sure to help you bring your A game to any dance floor."

I love me some red sparkles.  That's My Jam was the easiest one of the three to apply, likely because the glitter load seems to be the lowest.  That's not to say that there's not still a ton of glitter in here, just less than the others.  The flakies make this one stand out from other red glitters I own.  

"A blackened teal jelly loaded with our signature blend of large circle and holographic glitters in shades of red, accented with a sprinkling of color shifting flakies that’s celebrating our 5th year, Delushous style!"

I should've started with this one since it is named after the 5th birthday celebration.  But I usually go alphabetically and I'm sticking with it.  This is really unique in my collection - I've never seen a jelly/glitter color combination like this one.  My notes describe as more of a denim blue jelly with tons of red glitter.  The large circles were a bit elusive for me but they can be fished out.  This is the only one I had to go fishing in.  

Again, I'm super proud of Delush for making it to their fifth birthday!  I know her a bit in the Facebook world and she seems like a genuine woman who is so full of love, for both her family and her brand.  I think this trio is the perfect representation.  Full of glitter and color!  My personal fave is Party Thyme but I think any (or all) of them will make a unique contribution to most nail polish collections.  

$9.75 USD each
$28 USD for all 3
Available from Delush Polish

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