Sunday, 22 April 2018

Bundle Monster Rose Gold Crystal Nail Wraps Review

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Hey there!  Recently Bundle Monster sent me a package with a few nail art products in it including these Rose Gold Wraps.  I've never used a product like these before.  I suppose it's closest description would be as a nail sticker but the backbone of it is clear and the design is a super metallic rose gold crystal pattern.  The metallic printing is slightly textured which is something I wouldn't be able to create on my own.  A package comes with 20 wraps of various sizes.  These must be cut to size before use since they don't dissolve in acetone like most water decals do.  Then you just stick them on over dry polish and finish with top coat.  There is also a note that you must keep them sealed because air with dry out the strip and affect the adhesive.

To use these I used two coats of Color Club Silver Lake and then did a saran wrap mani with French Tip and Muse-ical to create a marbled background.  

Then really simply applied the strips using their adhesive backing and topped with HK Girl top coat to seal them in a bit. 

These were really pretty fun to use.  I see they also have a gold festival wrap which also looks fun to use.  The bit of texture and the metallic look are really something that would be pretty challenging to create without these and new nail art looks are always welcome in my world!  

$6.50 USD (currently on sale for $5.53 USD)
Available at Bundle Monster

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