Sunday, 15 April 2018

Moonflower Polish Sweet Dreams - Fantasmic Flakies Group Custom

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Hey there!  Lately it seems that many Facebook groups are doing group custom polishes which is lucky for us.  These customs are often incredibly gorgeous.  That's the case for the polish I'm posting about today - the Fantasmic Flakies polish of the month, Sweet Dreams from Moonflower Polish.  Moonflower Polish is known for making awesome stamping polishes but this is NOT a stamping polish.  But it does prove that she makes beautiful regular polish as well.  You are going to have to join the Facebook group (which is the only way to get your paws on it) because you're going to want this polish!

"blue-leaning purple or purplish indigo jelly base with red-pink-gold color shifting shimmer, red-gold aurora shimmers (aka faux unicorn pee), and red-purple-gold-green crystal chameleon flakes"

The flakies and shimmer in this polish are just stunning.  I wouldn't say I see a whole lot of shift but it's certainly there.  It is described as a jelly base but it applies more like a creme to me.  This isn't a stamping polish but it's still very opaque.  I used two coats but it was very opaque at one coat.  It was a bit thick but not problematic at all.  It dries shiny but I used HK Girl as a top coat.  

I also tried it out with a matte top coat (KBShimmer Oh Matte!).  I put this on this yesterday but I've been wearing it all day with one hand matte and one shiny.  I think I actually prefer the matte one.  I just can't resist a flakie polish matte'd.

As mentioned, you must be a part of the Fantastic Flakies Facebook group to order this polish.  You can join that group here.  If your account name and your Facebook name differ, leave your Facebook name in the notes when you order it.

$10 USD/bottle
(must be part of the Fantasmic Flakies Facebook Group)
Available at Moonflower Polish 

'Til next time...

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