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KBShimmer Launch Party Swatches and Review

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Hey there!  Okay I'm absolutely swooning over the most recent KBShimmer collection that I received from Color4Nails to swatch!  I can't say enough but I'm going to try.  Actually, I'm going to show you about a million photos because that's how many it took to capture just part of the beauty of the Launch Party magnetic multichrome polishes.  I had over 600 photos of this 9 piece collection.  I know I take a lot of photos when I'm swatching but this was the most and yet I still feel like I didn't do it justice.  I love magnetic polishes (they often feel like little galaxies on my nails) PLUS these have multichrome shifts AND there's a holographic topper which really does turn them into little galaxies.  Keep reading to see plenty of pics (to get a better idea of the multichrome nature) and see photos of that holo topper in direct light...over every single one of the others!

To start, I just wanted to mention KBShimmer's new look.  She has updated her logo and now has a nice little black box with a holo logo for each polish.  I've been a fan of KBShimmer's since I first tried them many moons ago so I'm happy to say that the quality hasn't changed.  The bottle might have but what's in that bottle is still absolutely amazing.  

Her first collection with the new look is fittingly called Launch Party and she's really started with a bang.  Since these are magnetic polishes, you will need to buy a magnet.  The one KBShimmer has released comes with a little handle and can be found here on the Color4Nails site.

But honestly, I prefer this one that I bought from Color4Nails quite a while ago.  Luckily its still in stock.  I like using the small edge to get a shaper line.  In this photo, I used the KBShimmer magnet on all nails except my ring finger.  You still get the magnetic and multichrome shift but without the sharpness so you can pick your preference.  But for all my swatches today other than this one, I used the Dance Legend magnet.  

Finally, onto the polishes.  Honestly, all of these applied flawlessly and were opaque with two coats.  The way I apply magnet polishes is to apply the two coats and then hold the magnet over them for approximately 5 seconds as soon as the second coat is applied (so it's obviously still very wet).  Then top coat.  It really takes only marginally longer than applying regular polish.  And then you get to wiggle your fingers back and forth in front of your face to watch the line move and watch the colors shift.  They really mesmerizing!  For each of my swatches, I have 2 regular photos taken in a light box, one macro followed by each with one coat of the holo topper (A Star Is Formed) in the light box and then in regular light.  That's 5 photos per polish.  Don't say you weren't warned.  

Description: red, bright pink, gold, green, copper and peach 
What I see:  mainly bright magenta with peach and green shift

Topped with A Star Is Formed:

Description: "soft peach and pinks, lime green, and grass green"
What I See: green and gold to peachy-pink and brown.  Camera didn't pick up pink nearly as much as I saw in real life.  

Topped with A Star Is Formed:

Description: "vibrant blue, flipping to a majestic purple"
What I see: Navy and royal blue with a purple shift.  Not the strongest magnetic effect but it's a perfect night sky, especially with A Star Is Formed.

Topped with A Star Is Formed:

Description: "vibrant magenta pink hue flips to a bold blue toned purple"
What I See: red toned purple with a shift to a blue-toned purple.  The weakest of the magnetic effects but a lovely polish, nonetheless.

Topped with A Star Is Formed:

Solar Flair

Description: "gold and yellow, to hot oranges and reds"
What I See: Bronze and orange and gold with a hint of green.  One of my favourites!  

Topped with A Star Is Formed:

Spaced Out

Description: "purple and pink hues give way to shades of green blues"
What I See: mainly green and purple (just like the northern lights) with silvery and blue shifts.  Another favourite.  

Topped with A Star Is Formed:

Description: "golden hues with a range of yellows, gold and oranges"
What I See: yellows to bronze-y orange and green.  I noted that the formula on this one was a bit thicker so I felt like it showed more brush strokes before the magnet was applied but the super strong magnetic effect of it make them unnoticeable.  

Topped with A Star Is Formed:

You Rocket My World

Description: "vibrant shades of green and shifts through shades of lavender and silver"
What I See: lot of greens with some purple at severe angles but I couldn't really catch those on camera.  

Since I showed A Star Is Formed over each other above, I don't have more photos of it.  But it is a holographic microflake topper that gives the perfect amount of sparkle at one coat.  It's not glitter so I had no issue with removal whatsoever.  It can be found one Color4Nails' website here.

In case you can't tell, this is truly one of my favourite collections in a long, long time.  I don't think my photos even remotely do it justice.  I even took videos of them all on my nails but it seems weird to put together a video of just me moving my fingers around so you'll have to trust me.  This are a blast to wear!  When you move your fingers around you get to see the colors shifts AND that magnetic line appear to move.  Unfortunately my two favourites, Solar Flair and Spaced Out, are sold out on the Color4Nails website at the moment but I know KBShimmer restocks there quite often so I'm sure it won't be gone for long.  

$11 USD/polish
Available at Color4Nails

'Til next time...

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