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Cirque Colors Metropolis Spring/Summer 2018 Review

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Hey there!  I'm excited today to be able to share an upcoming collection from Cirque Colors.  Cirque was one of the first indie brands I discovered (I had two posts featuring Cirque Colors polishes within the first month of starting my little blog) so when they asked me if I wanted to review the new Spring/Summer 2018 Metropolis collection, I jumped at the chance.  Each season Cirque Colors releases a set of Metropolis polishes, a collection of cremes inspired by New York City.  This Spring/Summer collection has a fun mix of vibrant colours and more muted pastels, all with incredible formulas.  Since I usually use cremes for my nail art, I'm happy to see an indie releasing cremes on a regular basis and these are all welcome additions to my Cirque family.

All 6 polishes in the Spring/Summer Metropolis collection were fully opaque at 2 coats but I noted that I couple of them could be one coaters. I just always feel more comfortable at 2 coats for some reason.  Each have a really great creamy formula and they all dry shiny on their own but I swatched them with a quick dry top coat.  All photos were taken in a lightbox with 5K bulbs.  Some polishes were hard to get color accurate so I did have to adjust the color of some in Photoshop to get them as accurate as possible.  
2 coats plus top coat

BAM is a bright pink-leaning coral creme but the formula has a slightly jellyfish formula to it, giving it a squishy feel.  It's a different kind of coral than the ones I'm used to.  It's very bright, but doesn't dry matte, and its slightly darker.  There's also no dragging issues which I find common in corals.  

Blushing Queens
2 coats plus top coat

Blushing Queens is the most vibrant color in this collection, a vivid raspberry creme, but also the one I found the hardest to get color accurate.  It photographed far more red than raspberry though I think my photos adjusted accurately.  Like with BAM, I also noticed a jelly, squishy feel to this polish.  Application was a dream.  

High Line 
2 coats plus top coat

High Line is a light lavender with an unmistakable creme formula.  It was super easy to apply, creamy and opaque.  I wore this one for a couple days after I had swatched the rest.  I think if I had to choose a favourite, it might be High Line. 

 2 coats plus top coat

At first I thought Lafayette didn't really fit in with this collection of warmer colors but now that I'm looking at them again, I love that there's a green in here.  Green is certainly a color of spring and summer, with all the plant life, but I feel like it's often skipped in collections.  Usually green's make my skin look jaundice but this bright emerald green actually worked for my skin tone!  It's so rich!  Lafayette is one of the super pigmented ones so it could work with one coat.  I didn't notice any staining but with this much pigment, be sure to wear a base coat, just in case.  

Strawberry Fields
2 coats plus top coat

Strawberry Fields is another one of my favourites.  It is a bright, squishy red that feels like a classic nail color to me.  The description says it's a red-pink creme but I really don't pick up on too much pink in it.  It was easy to apply and remove and didn't stain at all so it's a winner!  

Uptown Girl
2 coats plus top coat

The final polish in this collection is Uptown Girl.  The feel of it reminded me of High Line, being another more pastel creme.  It's a gorgeous baby pink, opaque in only two coats (and I even noted that it could be a one coater for some).  The formula felt a bit thicker than the ones with the jelly-ish quality but application was buttery.  It's nice to have a pink this shade that isn't patchy or too thick.  

I also wanted to see how these would complement each other all in one mani.  I haven't done a drip marble in awhile so I combined the entire SS2018 Metropolis collection and applied the drip marble decals over High Line here.  I think they look awesome together!  

This collection will be available on May 2, 2018 from Cirque Colors.  However, since many of us shop through stockists, I'm including a link to the stockists below as well.  Just keep in mind that the release date will vary depending on the stockist.  

Available May 2, 2018
Shop at Cirque Colors

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