Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Polish Pickup May 2018 - Moonflower Polish I Just Can't Wait

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Hey there!  Today I have my very first Polish Pickup swatch for you!  Moonflower Polish has officially joined the pack with I Just Can't Wait, a neon coral stamping polish inspired by The Lion King.  I only learned about Polish Pickup a couple months ago so, for the uninitiated, it is one of the best ways to try some indies you might not otherwise try.  Each month has a set theme (May's is the best ever...The  90's!) with only a small window for order.  May's polishes will be available to order from the 4th to the 7th.  Some polishes do have a cap (including I Just Can't Wait) so be aware and get those fingers ready.

I Just Can't Wait is a neon coral stamping polish with lots of shimmer, which really shows up over black.  Since Moonflower Polish is safe to be used as regular polish, I like to test it out sometimes.  Because of the amount of pigment packed into this polish, it's pretty thick so application was challenging but, once it was one, it looked pretty hot!  Neons tend to dry matte so you'll need glossy top coat to bring out that shimmer.  I used two coats for these swatches.  

To test out the stamping, I thought I'd stick with The Lion King theme and use the Lina Nail Art Supplies Get Wild 01 plate.  It's really opaque over black plus that shimmer is visible. 

Over white, I Just Can't Wait it super bright.  The shimmer is less noticeable but still visible over a lighter color.

Lastly, I used it in a gradient.  I like Moonflower's for nail art like this since they're so opaque that gradients are a breeze.  I know I've used this MoYou London Explorer 10 image a lot but I always love it.  Here I actually used I Just Can't Wait as the base and gradiented with Lemon over it and stamped with Noche before finishing with Tonic top coat.

I Just Can't Wait will be available to order May 4th-7th, 2018.  This listing will be capped at 50 bottles so be sure to add it to your wishlist and get it right away.  One of my favourite things about Polish Pickup is that the shipping is so inexpensive, at least for those of us in North America.  It's only $5 USD to Canada (and $3 USD to the USA)!

$10 USD
Order at Polish Pickup (May 4-7)

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