Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cici & Sisi Fruit and Flower Acrylic Stamping Plates

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today I have a few of the newer Cici & Sisi acrylic stamping plates to share.  I believe these acrylic plates came out a few years ago as an alternative to the standard stainless steel plates.  Recently they've released 3 circle fruit-themed stamping plates.  Each plate has a different fruit of choice so if you like peaches, kiwis or strawberries (and who doesn't), you might like these plates.  The last two plates are what I really love from Cici & Sisi's plates - layered images!  There's two nature themed plates with florals, leaves, birds and butterflies.  Keep reading to check them out.

$3.99 USD each
6 cm x 6 cm

Stamping Plate: ART18001
Base: ILNP Blueprint
Stamping: Hit The Bottle Snowed In and As Black As Night, filled with Let's Go To The Peach, Apricot Sour and Peppermint Zombie
Top Coat: HK Girl

Stamping Plate: ART18002
Base: OPI I'm Sooo Swamped, That's Hula-rious and Nubar Meadow Sparkle
Stamping: Hit The Bottle As Black As Night, filled with OPI That's Hula-rious
Top Coat: HK Girl

Stamping Plate: ART18003
Base: Misa Cherry Blossom Awesome, LACC 1945 and Sally Hansen White On
Stamping: Hit The Bottle As Black As Night and Snowed In, filled with the same as above
Top Coat: HK Girl

$5.99 USD each
9 cm x 9 cm

Stamping Plate: CS18003 (listed as CR18003)
Base: Esmlates da Kelly Chili
Stamping: Esmaltes da Kelly Carmelo, Dixie, Haven, Tuco, Bee, Dolly 
Top Coat: HK Girl

Stamping Plate: CS18004 (listed as CR18004)
Base: Cirque Colors Mint Chip
Stamping: Hit The Bottle Cactus Juice, Bubblegum Bliss, Psycho Pink, Midnight Pumpkin, To Have and to Gold, Peacock Shimmer and As Black As Night
Top Coat: HK Girl

These acrylic plates do have some texture to them so I don't use them with really thick stamping polishes like Mundos.  Other than that, these plates worked really well for me.  They were better than any of the other acrylic Cici & Sisi plates I've tried.  The etching doesn't feel very deep so I was pleasantly surprised.  If you're interested in any of these plates, Cici & Sisi's info can be found below.

$3.99 USD each (Fruit)
$5.99 USD each (Flower)
Available at Cici & Sisi

'Til next time...

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