Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does Indie Love - ILNP and Creative Shop Stamping

Hey there!  For my mid-week Indie Love mani, I did a mani that I had wanted to do for ages.  I had done it on a practice stick, loved it but didn't get around to doing it for real until this theme came up.  I used ILNP polishes with Creative Shop stamping.  ILNP creates absolutely gorgeous polishes but they're a bit less "indie" than other brands I used for this week.  I believe they are lab created but since they're not in regular stores and I believe they're independently owned and operated, they're indie to me!  For the stamping, I used a Creative Shop plate.  This brand comes from eastern Europe. I have to believe this is also an indie brand since all my communication with the brand has always been with the same person so I think she's the creator (though I've never specifically asked).

I honestly don't remember where my inspiration came from for this mani.  I think I just wanted to use some of the ILNP flakie toppers.  I have so many of them but don't use toppers often so I usually use these as full coverage like I did here.

The polishes I used here were Electric Carnival, Neon Rosebud, Metropolis, Cold Fusion, Gaia, Open Fields over sticky base.  This was a lot of sponging!  Thank god for liquid latex cuticle barrier.  

Over the gradient flakie base, I double stamped with Creative Shop 38 with Hit The Bottle Snowed In and As Black As Night (another indie!) and topped with HK Girl.  

And, for one more photo, I had to share this!  I recently ordered some rainbow-y (almost multichrome -looking sneakers) from the US...BUT they don't ship to Canada so I had to get them sent to my American co-worker who brought them up for me the next time he came to Edmonton.  I just happened to be wearing this mani the day I got the shoes.  They're almost a perfect color match!  

Thanks for stopping by today for my slightly less indie mani.  I've been really loving the designs the other girls have been doing this week.  We can see what they've done for day 3 in the links below.  

'Til next time...

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