Monday, 9 April 2018

The Digit-al Dozen does Indie Love - Tonic Polish and UberChic Beauty

Hey there!  This week brings us a new Digit-al Dozen theme.  This week we're celebrating all things indie.  I was first introduced to the world of indie nail polish a few years ago, shortly after I realized just how much fun nail polish and nail art can be and I'm still astounded at the things indie makers bring us.  There are so many things that nail polish can be that you would never know if you only bought mainstream polish.  But that's not just true to polish.  Stamping plate makers are also doing it on their own so I'm going to spend my days this week with an indie polish maker and plate maker.  Today I'm starting with Tonic Polish and UberChic Beauty.  I have met the makers of both of these brands; Tonic's at Indie Expo Canada last year and UberChic's on a layover in Denver where she kindly dealt with a very tired and therefore very chatty me.  I have nothing but respect for both brands and the makers.

UberChic Beauty was the first plate maker I noticed who had negative space images which are pretty consistently my favourite so I couldn't resist using them for today's indie mani.  These hearts are from UberChic 6-01.  Plus, she has images specifically honouring indie makers so I included one of those too.  The Indie <3 image is from 4-01.

Usually I use negative space images over a glitter-y base of some sort of technique base (like a gradient or water marble) but today I wanted to show off the different Tonic Polish shades' beauty individually so I made decals on the Uber Mat (another UberChic invention).  

The Tonic's I used were Come Wander, Luminescent, Incandescent (which I happen to be wearing again today), Titanium Orchid, Slitherin’ and Dragon Tears.  For the stamping I used Painted Polish Midnight Mischief and Hit The Bottle Amethyst Sizzle (two more indie brands) before finishing with HK Girl top coat.  

That was actually my second Tonic/UCB mani lately.  First I tried the negative space butterflies from 12-02 over Tonic Butterfly Leaf but it didn't speak to me so I tried a second one.  But here's a photo of the first, in case you're interested.  

Feel free to check out the others' indie loves in the links below.  Maybe some of us will be introduced to new indies to add to our collections!  

'Til next time...

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