Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Whats Up Nails Black Chrome Powder and Stencil Review

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Hey there!  I recently received the Black Chrome Powder from Whats Up Nails and I clearly thought it was a lot of fun because I ended up using it in a bunch of manis in conjunction with some of their stencils.  This powder is different than some of the other powders because it's less opaque so it doesn't change the color of the base so much as it gives it a chrome/pewter hue to it.  Follow the jump to see all the stencils I used it with and read more about the powder itself.

Black Chrome Powder
$15.75 USD
2 grams

You get more of this powder in a jar than other powders that I've tried.  I don't know if this particular pigment is less expensive or if it's heavier but there's certainly enough here to last you.  I tried it on its own over black and it creates a shiny, pewter result.  It's hard to pick up just how shiny it is in my lightbox (above) so I took a pic in direct light below.  

$3.75 USD/sheet

I can rarely wear just a normal base color on its own so I tried the Heart Vine Stencils over it with Girly Bits Another Brick In The Fall and It's Near Leaf Fall.  I messed up the hearts from trying to work so fast (switching colors while using a vinyl is hard!) but the stencils themselves were great.  I love that they came with the swirls going in different directions.  It makes for a more interesting mani if you ask me.  

$3.75 USD/sheet

Next I did the black nails again and used China Gelaze Flip Flop Fantasy with no wipe top coat to see what the powder would look like over a color.  It doesn't look black but more of a chrome-y pink.  It was subtle, like just a shadow of the heart cheetah print.  This would be a good effect if you can't wear in-your-face nail art to work, over a more neutral color.  

$3.75 USD/sheet

My last mani was my favourite.  I used Madam Glam Vivid Purple as a base with the powder over it. It again gave a grey chrome finish to the purple but less subtle than over the coral.  I like that that Heart Stack stencils are just a thin strip so I could apply the stencil and have space still on the sides to get that stripe.  

Overall I was happy with all the products I used here.  I'm sure I'm a broken record but I just adore the nail art products Whats Up Nails stocks.  Their stencils are easy to separate and sticky but not too sticky and their powders apply effortlessly compared to some of the less expensive, overseas ones I've tried.  The quality is just always there.  I've been playing with some of the newer stamping plates lately too so you'll be seeing those soon and the same applies to them....they're wonderful!  

Available at What's Up Nails

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