Monday, August 3, 2015

UberChic Beauty The Far East Stamping Plate Review

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Hey there!  Happy Monday folks.  Luckily, for me, today is part of a long weekend that some of Canada recognizes so I should be enjoying some lake time when this gets posted.  For today's post I'm continuing my review of some of UberChic Beauty's themed plates.  I've already shown you The Wild West, Out of Africa and Love and Marriage and today we have The Far East.  UberChic Beauty is quickly becoming one of the stamping plate brands thanks to her creative designs and amazing quality and this plate falls right in line.  The Asian-inspired images are absolutely gorgeous and also versatile as I hope you will see here.

As with UberChic Beauty's other stamping plates, The Far East -01 measures 9.5 x 14.5 cm with the full nail images measuring 17 x 21 mm.  There's quite a few smaller images on this plate that stay with the Asia theme as well as a huge buffet-style koi fish image and a fantastic dragon that would look amazing as a multi-nail design.  I even checked with one of my Chinese friends to ask if the characters really are Chinese words (they are) though I did have a giggle at what the characters in the middle mean (roughly "a tiger fight is coming soon"...I'm so going to have to do a tiger mani with those characters someday).  Below is a scan of the plate I received.  The scratch down the middle was entirely my fault.  I got a bit aggressive with my razor blade when I was opening the package...what can I say...I love nail mail from UberChic!  

For my first mani, I wanted to do something that was a bit traditional.  I started with a fan brush base with KBShimmer Eyes White Open, How You Dune? and My Life's Porpoise (though sadly the fan brush effect got faded when I top coated).  I then stamped a couple of images with Mundo de Unas Black.  I like that, even though I used the same cherry blossom branch image, my nails are all a bit different thanks to the size of the design.

I then lead lighted with Esmaltes da Kelly Soap Bubbles in Pink, Blue, Leaf, Moss, Soft Rosa and Soft Azul and a bit of Nfu Oh JS03 and finished with HK Girl top coat.  

For my second design, I wanted to do something that showed that, even when using one of the specialty plates, you can do looks that don't seem to fall in line with a theme.  I did a watercolor base of Color Club Tangerine Scream, Electric Candy and Ultra Violet over white for these and then stamped with Mundo de Unas White.

Because I really wanted to show off the base and the stamping image quality, here's a close up of this mani.  

Overall, I love what Brittany has come up with for designs on her specialty plates, including this one. I really like that, while they do have a general theme, you can easily do manis that don't specifically look to be Asian, African, Western, etc.  And her quality is truly second to none.  I highly recommend this brand.

Price: $14.99/plate 
Available on UberChic Beauty's website

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