Friday, 7 August 2015

UberChic Beauty 4-03 Stamping Plate Review

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Hey there!  Today I have the last of my current UberChic Beauty stamping plate reviews.  Both of the mani's I came up with using plate 4-03 inadvertently ended up being double stamping.  I always have issues coming up with layered stamping looks but I liked these.  That speaks volumes about the types of images that UberChic Beauty comes up with...they're so versatile!  Keep reading to see all the details.

The final plate in Collection 4 is 4-03.  Below you'll see a scan of the plate I received.  As with her other plates, it measures 9.5 x 14.5 cm with the full nails designs being 17 x 21 mm.  This plate has almost 4 full columns of full nail images with 1 giant buffet style lace heart image and 8 small individual designs.  There's a few of the floral designs that people like me love so much but for everyone else, this plate has a wide range of designs.  I adore the shooting stars (I'm minority obsessed with meteor showers - so much so that I'm taking next week off work to go to the lake and hope for cloudless skies during the Perseids meteor shower).  But most importantly, look!  There's a maple leaf!  I pointed out to Brittany that us Canadians were in desperate need of a decent maple leaf on a stamping plate and she was kind enough to fit in on here for me.  You're welcome :-P

For the first design, I started using the quatrefoil design (far right column) stamped with Mundo de Unas white over A England Camelot.  I really liked it like this but I decided to go forward with some gradient flowers over it.  In fact, one of my co-workers only liked the nails I left like this.

For the second layer of stamping I used the pretty full nail flower image (also far right column) that I stamped as a gradient with Mundo de Unas Sky Blue (#68), Tutti (#69) and Barbie (#70).  Along with double stamping, I still haven't mastered gradient stamping (hence the little gaps in the image) but I love how these looked close up.  I finished with HK Girl top coat.  

For the second mani, I wanted to use the maple leaf and do something a bit Canadian-themed.  I started 3 coats of When Oceans Rise from a Canadian indie (WingDust Collections).  I stamped the wavy lines (fourth row from the top) with Mundo de Unas Mint (#72) to represent water (Canada has a lot of water, both around it and in its amazing lakes and rivers) and then stamped the maple leaf with Reddish (#32).  Thank you once again to Brittany for filling this void in the lives of us Canadian stampers.  

That's all for today.  Cross your fingers for clear skies for me next week at the lake!  It's a Digit-al Dozen week next week so I'm planning on scheduling a week's worth of posts tonight but I might not be able to reply to any comments until I come home.  

Follow the links below to see where to purchase this collection and to follow UberChic Beauty on her social media sites to get all the latest news.  And don't worry, I'm sure I'll be using UberChic's plates in upcoming mani's soon!

Price: $24.99/Collection 4 (set of 3 plates)
Available on UberChic Beauty's website

'Til next time...

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