Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Stamping - Over A Radial Gradient

Hey there!  Oh geez, the prompt for this week's Adventures In Stamping Sunday challenge is one of my worst nail enemies...the radial gradient!  I think I would happily water marble with terrible polishes than do a radial gradient.  But enough complaning...I sucked it up and attempted a radial gradient.  However I learned that, when trying something that challenges you at the best of times, it is probably best not to start it at bedtime.  While I don't completely dislike how my gradient turned out, I did manage to leave gaps in my stamping (despite it being an awesome plate), smudge a nail and leave my cuticles a mess.  So here we have my less-than-stellar stamping over a radial gradient.

For these I started with a white base and then attempted my gradient of Picture Polish Mellow Yellow, Chillax and Wisteria.  If someone could teach me how to 1. paint circles on a sponge and then 2. tap my sponge in the same spot every time I think I would love radial gradients.  My friends in the Digit-al Dozen (Canadian Nail Fanatic and Dressed Up Digits) have done some amazing radial gradients lately so I know it can be done!

For the stamping I used Mundo de Unas Black and an image off UberChic Beauty's latest collection (plate 4-03) and finished with HK Girl.  Trust me when I say that the gaps in this are all my fault.  This plate is superb and, if I get my act together, I'll be reviewing it along with the others in Collection 4 later this week (spoiler: I love them all).  At least I managed to get the image mostly centred with the gradient.  That's a win!  

So what's your guys' nail art nemeses?  Am I along is having problems with radial gradients?  

'Til next time...

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