Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Digit-al Dozen does Food - Day 2 Fruit Stamping

Hey there!  It's day 2 of The Digit-al Dozen's week of food/snacks and today I have some stamping I did of one of the few healthy foods I like - FRUIT!  I eat a ton of fruit.  It's nature's candy.  In the summer, I try to get to the farmer's market every week and spend a small fortune on the stuff.  While the province I live in doesn't grow much fruit, the adjacent promise has some of the best fruit you can get and there's people who are willing to drive it here every week.  And then I buy it all!  I don't think we grow much of the fruit you can see on my nails (other than strawberries) but I still think this stamping is cute as can be.  

For these I used a single plate, MoYou London Tropical -08.  It's a great plate since you can get cool fruit hands without having to make too many decals.  The only fingers I used decals for were the kiwi and part of the watermelon nail.

Here's a list of the polishes I used for these.  

Pineapple: Zoya Louise, MDU Green (#8) and Yellow (#11)
Watermelon: Zoya Hunter, MDU Avocado (#39), Lemon Tree (#52) and Orchid (#55)
Grapefruit: Picture Polish and Gelato MDU Nabu (#71)
Kiwi: Zoya Tila, MDU Black, OPI My Vampire is Buff 
Strawberry: Zoya Josie and MDU Reddish (#32)
HK Girl top coat

That's it for my healthy food nails this week!

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'Til next time...

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