Monday, August 31, 2015

The Night Circus Nail Art

Hey there!  This month's The Polished Bookworms book was one of the greatest things I've read in ages...The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  It's a story of duelling magicians which sounds odd but it works.  The setting of this duel is a mysterious circus that is only open at night called Le Cirque des Reves or The Circus of Dreams and wow does that circus ever sound dreamy.  The best thing about this book, to me, was how fully immersed I became in this circus.  The imagery is so well written that I felt like I was there...and now I wish the circus was real!  The circus is set up so everything is black and white, except for a group of diehard fans who follow the circus called Reveurs who always wear a splash of red, hence the red striped accent in my nail art.

From right to left my inspirations were the cloud maze ( (thumb), the white fire used to initiate the circus (pointer), the swirly hot cocoa (middle), the black and white striped tents (ring) and the night sky (pinky) which plays prominently in the circus.  

For all of the nails I used A England Camelot (black) and Morgan Le Fay over white to give it a shimmery white look.  Sadly my camera killed the shimmer.  The red stripe is A England Perceval.  

For the clouds I used watered down white acrylic paint; for fire nail I used vinyls from Twinkled T; the swirl marble was done with the help of pipedream polish Clearwater; the stripes were done with skinny straight Nail Vinyls and the stars were splattered white acrylic paint and a few freehanded stars and caviar beads for sparkle.   

I wish I could've done a mani worthy of the imagery of the book but nothing I could do would compare.  Can you tell I loved the book?  I read the entire thing over a day or two and wanted to read it all over again.  

I loved it so much that I even did a second bonus mani inspired by The Stargazer roller coaster.  This was a simple stamping mani with stars stamped in white with Lily Anna 01 and a roller coater from FUN20 stamped with Mundo de Unas Silver.  If I wasn't scared to death of roller coasters, I'd love this ride!  

I hope you enjoyed today's post.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the manis and/or the book if you've read it.  

'Til next time...

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