Friday, 24 August 2018

Nail Crazies Unite does Superheroes/Villians - Black Panther Nails

Hey there!  Today's Nail Crazies Unite prompt is Superheroes/Villians.  I'm not big into the superhero scene so I wasn't sure what to do.  BUT then I remembered that Black Panther is a superhero and I love both the movie and, even moreso, the soundtrack to that movie.  I knew that that was the superhero I'd have to do.  Since I certainly don't have any Black Panther stamping plates, I had to be a bit creative in how to come up with some nail art.  I ended up with a mix of stamping, stencils and freehand.  I'm not sure these would be recognizable to anyone who isn't familiar with the movie but I did send a pic to my superhero geek friend (which I say in the most loving way possible) and he said he liked them.  Since he hates all things nail art, I'll consider that a win.

For these I grabbed a random black out of my Helmer and ended up with Cult Nails Fetish.  It's a sadly discontinued matte black but I guess that wasn't really important since I used a matte top coat anyway.  

The scratch marks were done with the Whats Up Nails Kitty Scratch stencils and the Africa stamping with UberChic Beauty 2-03, both with Hit The Bottle Looking For Mr. Grey.  The rest of freehanded with acrylic paint.  In case you haven't seen the movie, the W and F are meant to stand for Wakanda Forever.  It might still not make sense but I assure you they weren't random letters.  

'Til next time...

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