Friday, 1 June 2018

UberChic Beauty Edge Perfection and Bottoms Up Stamping Plate Review

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Hey there!  It always makes me happy with UberChic Beauty releases new products.  She recently came out with a Bottoms Up stamping plate with all kinds of drink images and a new polish barrier called Edge Perfection, that I have used for every mani I've done since receiving it.  I got way too excited when I saw the Bottoms Up plate which tells me I might need to re-evaluate my love of beer.  But it's not just beer on this plate.  It has coffee, wine, tropical drinks and more.  We all need to consume liquid to survive so we might as well wear it on our nails too, right?

Edge Perfection Nail Barrier
$12 USD

I thought I'd share Edge Perfection first since that was how my manis for this plate started.  I'll admit when I saw the bottle shape, I was worried.  I've tried barriers with the long skinny brushes and found it difficult to get enough product around my nails but this one has the perfect brush.  It's more narrow and shorter than a regular nail polish brush and has turned out to be absolutely perfect for applying this to the skin.  The formula is thinner than straight latex but doesn't pool and dries in approximately 1 minute.  AND it doesn't stink!  But do note that it does contain latex so those of you with allergies will have to skip this one.  

$14.99 USD

I don't feel like I have to go on about UberChic's stamping quality anymore.  Her plates are always wonderful for me.  There's not many full nail images on this plate but those that are there are 17 x 21 mm.  I really love the little text images on here.  Come on "Alcohol You Later" and "I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings" are hilarious!

To prove this plate isn't all about drinking, I used the the ice cubes image in this refreshing mani.  I did a gradient of KBShimmer Eyes White Open, Little Boy Hue, Sky Jinks and Low And Be Bold and did reverse stamping with with Mundo de Unas White filled with Femme Fatale Glimmerbreath.  I topped with Glisten & Glow top coat.  

And for my favourite drink of all, I couldn't resist the beer foam layered stamping (though I prefer my beer far less foamy than this).  I used Glam Polish You And Me (But Mostly Me) and Mrs. P's Potions Obsidian as the base colors and stamped with Hit The Bottle Snowed In and As Black As Night and Maybelline Bold Gold and topped with Glisten & Glow top coat.  

And on that note, it's 4 pm on Friday so it's time for me to go and meet my good friend for a pint.  If any of these images make you thirsty, you can find any of UberChic's products on her website below.

$14.99 USD/plate
$12 USD for Edge Perfection
Available at UberChic Beauty

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