Monday, 18 June 2018

Moonflower Polish Summer Neons Stamping Polish Review

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Hey there!  On my blog today I have a review of the entire summer 2018 collection from Moonflower Polish.  The Summer Neons are super bright stamping polish with added shimmer.  The shimmer helps their opacity when stamped over dark colors without making them too thick.  I stamped them all over white and black and swatched two coats on my other nails.  I was really impressed with their stamping (I didn’t need a sticky base) and their application on their own.  And, since I am such a big fan of using Moonflower Polish in nail art other than just as the stamping polish, I couldn't resist doing an extra couple of manis with them.  And I'm happy to say that the sunset mani lasted me from Wednesday to Saturday last week (practically a lifetime to me) and only showed tip wear.  The neons didn't chip one bit.  

The Summer Neons each have a creme base plus added shimmer.  They stamped really well over both black and white.  Over white, you see more of the creme color and less shimmer while, over black, the shimmer is more obvious and the colors is a bit more subtle.  You can see what I mean in the more close-up photos I'm including today.  I stamped using a silicone stamper instead of a clear stamper because I did get better results that way (though please note that they did still pick up with the clear stamper).  Depending on the humidity where you are, you may want to use a tacky surface to stamp them onto if you find you're having issues with them.  I've seen this as the magic trick for other neon stamping polishes in the past.  However, my base was fully dry and they worked for me.  As for swatching them as regular polish, they are a bit thicker than regular polish but they're SO opaque!  I still used two coats of each but some might not want/need that.  It was more of a "want" for me than a "need".  Like most neons, they do dry to a satin finish so I used a shiny top coat over everything here.  

neon pink/magenta
stamping plate - MoYou London Tropical 15

neon red-orange
stamping plate - MoYou London Tropical 13

neon orange (these photos don't even slightly do the neon's really dayglo orange)
stamping plate - MoYou London Tropical 08

neon yellow (green-leaning)
stamping plate - MoYou London Tropical 08

neon green
stamping plate - MoYou London Tropical 12

bright teal
stamping plate - MoYou London Tropical 06

bright blue
stamping plate - MoYou London Tropical 14

neon purple (red-leaning)
stamping plate - MoYou London Tropical 02

This collection is available now and should be available all summer long.  But if I were you, I'd snatch them up now just in case.  A good neon stamping polish is hard to find and the shimmer in these adds a little something extra.  I'm positive this won't be the last of them you see on me.

$9/15 mL bottle or $6/7 mL mini
$65/full set
10% coupon code COPYCAT10
Available at Moonflower Polish 

'Til next time...

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