Tuesday, 26 June 2018

KBShimmer x Harlow & Co. Exclusives Swatches & Review

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Hey there!  I thought I'd pop in again today to share my swatches of the recently released Harlow & Co. KBShimmer Exclusives.  This is really a dream combination.  KBShimmer are easily amongst my favourite brands and Harlow is a stellar Canadian distributor (she DOES ship internationally as well).  I met Katie last summer and she was as sweet as can be, just as I expected from my online interactions with her.  During the last restock I purchased some of the new KBShimmer summer collection and Katie included these with my order and I swatched them right away.  I don't know how exclusives are designed but whoever came up with these did one heck of a job.  They're really beautiful.

Coral of the Story is a white crelly with coral and black hex-shaped glitter as well as some metallic rose gold glitter.  What I love about this one is that the white crelly base makes it appear as though there's even more colors of glitter in there, depending on how many layers there are over the glitter.  

Usually white crellies take at least 3 coats for full coverage with my application style (which isn't very thick) but this was a really easy two coats.  The glitter will dry down with texture so I used a glossy top coat.  

And then I tried it with matte top coat!  I seriously don't know which way I prefer it...

Regal-ize It is a royal sounding polish with a royal purple base.  It's described as a grape jelly base with multiple sizes of gold holographic hex glitter.  Personally I wouldn't say it's a jelly since it's more opaque than that.  It is less opaque than Coral Of The Story however so be sure to wrap your tips to get good coverage.  

This was two coats plus gloss top coat.  During application I noticed a lot of the glitter would seem to concentrate in the middle but it was really easy to spread them out a bit with the brush.  I also felt like the glitter stuck up a bit more in this polish than in Coral Of The Story but nothing that a coat of top coat couldn't smooth down.  

And again, with Oh Matte! top coat.  I think I prefer this one shiny although I did wear it to work matte and got a lot of comments.  

Coral Of The Story is currently sold out but Katie does restock KBShimmer quite often so I'm hoping this one makes a reappearance for you.  You can sign up for her newsletter at the bottom of the Harlow & Co homepage.  She's great about sending restock emails without spamming you about anything else other than sales but who doesn't like sales?

$12.99 CAD

'Til next time...

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