Friday, 29 June 2018

Nail Crazies Unite - Galaxy

Hey there!  This week's Nail Crazies Unite prompt is one I've done a lot.  I really can't get enough of galaxy nail art but I feel like I can never come up with something new.  For today I tried a drag marble with the KBShimmer Launch Party magnetics and after putting them on my nails, I thought it'd be a good base for something space-like.  If I had to do this again, I'd use less black and leave more color but I think it's still an interesting galaxy mani.

Here is how my drag marble turned out.  The magnetic effect wasn't very strong, maybe because the polishes were too dry by the time I got them all on my mat and dragged around.  I applied these as decals over a black base.  

Over that I sponged on black polish and sprayed some white acrylic paint off a toothbrush to create some stars.  Then I freehanded the bigger stars on and finished with Glisten & Glow top coat.  

I actually kinda like these with just the hints of color.  But if I do galaxy nails again, I'll probably still use more color.  Just because I like color.  

Hopefully you'll be able to find more galaxy/alien nail art in the links below.  The group has been a little quiet lately but I'm still planning on keeping up with the themes.  I think I already have the next 3 done already.

'Til next time...

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