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Delush Polish Magnificent Trio Swatches & Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today I have a prequel to the upcoming Delush Polish summer collection.  This Sunday (July 1st) will be releasing the Magnificent Trio, three magnetic polishes filled with ultrachrome chameleon flakies and gorgeous aurora shimmer.  I'm all on board the magnetic polish bandwagon and these ones are really special.  I don't know if it's the flakies or the shimmer or the fact that the magnetic effect was SO easy to achieve but I really love them.  The application of all of them was really easy.  For each I used one thin coat, let it dry a bit and then applied a thicker second coat and hovered the Delush Polish magnet (also being released this week) over it for just a few seconds.  Just be sure to do the magnet part one nail at a time.  The polish does need to be wet to get the best effect.

Alloys & Enemies

Alloys & Enemies is a medium hunter/mossy green with ultrachrome flakies and aurora shimmer.  The magnetic line shifts between light green to gold and even a coppery-pink at some angles.  I'm not normally a big green polish girl but this was an absolute winner for me.  I love how shifty that magnetic effect is.  

Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction is described as a plum berry shade with ultrachrome flakies and aurora shimmer.  I think that color description is perfect.  I was struggling to think of how to describe it's purple on my own.  It also appeared to have a strong blue shimmer to my eyes and the magnetic effect shifts between lavender to blue to teal depending on the angle.  This one has the biggest contrast between the base and magnetic colors so if you're looking for a dramatic difference, you'll love it!  

May The Force Be With You

Oh blue magnetic polishes, you'll always have my heart!  May The Force Be With You is a inky indigo blue with ultrachrome flakies and, again, aurora shimmer.  The magnetic effect shifts between shades of purple.  I love the how the flakies look in this one.  It's spacey without being glittery so its name is so appropriate.  The formula on this one felt slightly more sheer so I used thicker coats but two coats was still more than sufficient for full coverage.  

Delush Polish will also be selling this magnet for a mere $2.50 USD at the same time as the polishes. It's 6 cm long, 1 cm wide and 2 mm thick.  This is the magnet I used for all of the swatches today.  It is really strong so I only applied it for a few seconds per nail over the wet polish.  I really like the length of it.  The other magnets I've tried (from Dance Legend or AliExpress) are wider but only a few cm long.  I prefer this one.  It's likely to be my go-to from now on. 

Just in case anyone is curious about what these shades look like without the magnetic effect, here's a quick two coats of each with no magnet.  Fatal Attraction does show a few brush strokes but I think these are all quite lovely even without the magnet magic.  

These polishes will be available Sunday July 1st at 12 pm EST.  In addition to this trio , the popular Polish Pickup shade Zombie Hunter will also be available.  I did manage to purchase it when it was first released but it hasn't made it's way to me yet so I don't have swatches of it.  But I can't wait to get it on my hands!  

$12.50 USD/polish
$2.50 USD/magnet
$37 USD for all 3 plus the magnet
Available from Delush Polish

'Til next time...

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