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Whats Up Nails Stamping Plates...and more!

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Hey there!  It's the last day of August...can you believe it?!  What better way to end the month than by sharing some of the nail art I've done with some Whats Up Nails stamping plates lately.  Actually, there's not only stamping plates here...I used the plates with one of the newer Magic Shifting Powders (my favourite nail art invention of the last while) and one of the iridescent flakies.  Whats Up really is fantastic as coming out with great products so I hope you like what I've done with them today.  

$7.75 USD
6 x 12 cm stamping plate

Aztec Countdown is a buffet style plate with lots of interesting areas to the plate.  You could use focus on small areas for you manis (like I did) or mix and match the areas an still have a cohesive look.  The images picked up and transferred with ease (the same can be said for all of their plates that I've tried to date).  

For my first mani I used 2 coats of ILNP Clockwork stamped with Moyra Dark Brown, topped with OPI matte top coat.  Here I used the upper right hand area of the plate.  

$21.75 USD
1 gram

For my second A007 design, I used the Mirage Powder as the base color.  Seriously isn't this purple just stunning!  I used it over black with a no wipe top coat.  If you look at my nail edges, you can see gold and green pop out along with the main purple and pink colors.  

Over the Mirage base, I stamped with Mundo de Unas Bronze and finished with a water based top coat.  For these I used the lower right part of the plate.  

$7.75 USD
6 x 12 cm stamping plate

A019 is a great plate for all things vacation and ocean!  They've managed to fit a lot on here.  There's parts you can use as cross-nail mani as well as lots of more individual images.  Just make sure you have a piece of tape handy so you can remove the bits you don't want from your stamper.  

For this design, I did a drip marble with a few Sinful Colours that I picked up at Walmart while I was on vacation and sick of the polishes I had brought with me.  The colors I used are Snow Me White, Island Coral, Pink Forever, Tempest, Dream On, Wonder Mint and Sail la Vie.  Then I stamped that with Mundo de Unas Black.  You can see I didn't do the greatest job stamping.  The messiness is all my fault, not from the plate.  I apparently didn't take my own advice and didn't remove the extra bits very well.

$21.75 USD
0.4 gram

The iridescent Mystery Flakies shift from purple and blue (the main colors) to gold and green (at more severe angles).  I used them here over Great Lakes Lacquer Love At Hyatt Regency (one of the Indie Expo polishes).  I usually use flakies over black but I love how this still shows off the colors!  If you've never used loose flakies like this before, be warned, you will find flakies on everything afterwards.  Those things stick around forever.  

Over the Mystery Flakies I did mostly double stamping with Mundo de Unas Black, White and Lemon Tree and finished with OPI matte top coat.  

$7.75 USD
6 x 12 cm stamping plate

As a complete fruit fanatic, I love love love this plate.  Seriously, just 2 days ago one of my friends (who knows of my addiction) texted me and asked "Is your entire diet made up of fruits and vegetables?"...I don't know where he got the impression that I eat veggies, haha!  Anyway, this plates many of my favourite things.  And they're designed in really appealing fashion.  Those apples could make great decals!  

I started with one of my favourites - pineapples!  Ironically, I used the Moonflower Polish called Lemon as my base (there's lemons on the plate too!) along with Cavernas del Rio Camuy and El Yunque to color them in with some advanced stamping.  These were finished with HK Girl top coat.  

My first ever nail art look was an attempt at some watermelon nails (I should see if I can dig out a photo one day).  This stamping plate made it much easier!  I started with 2 coats of Picture Polish Watermelon gradiented with Moonflower Polish Dia and OPI Christmas Gone Plaid.  I then stamped the rind and the seeds separately with Moonflower Dia and Noche (I worried the image was too long otherwise but I think it ended up being the same as if I did it all at once).  Again I finished with HK Girl.  

I truly don't hesitate to recommend Whats Up Nails for any nail art needs you might have.  I've gotten to use quite a few of their products and I'm always in awe of them all.  You can find them at the links below.  

Available at What's Up Nails

'Til next time...

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