Wednesday, August 30, 2017

NCLA Sunstruck (Color4Nails Collaboration Shade)

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today I have a gorgeous holographic polish to share with you.  On September 1 (this Friday) Color4Nails is releasing it's latest collaboration shade with NCLA.  Last year they released Lolanthe, a pretty purple holographic and this year we have Sunstruck!  this a dusty pink with a strong holographic flame and smooth formula.  I have lots of photos of it and a bit of nail art where I paired it with Lolanthe so let's get to it.

So here's what you get with Sunstruck, 15 mL of holo goodness.  I'm not usually a big pink fan but I really like this one.  I want to call it "dusty rose" but that might be because that term was engrained into me as a child since it was my Nana's favourite color.  But don't let you think that this is a polish that's only for grandmas.  I think this shade would be flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. 

As I said, the formula was very smooth.  I've been reading most bloggers used it at 3 coats but 2 was sufficient for me (and I certainly don't use thick coats).  There's a lot of linear holographic sparkle in here which gives it its dusty tone.  Unlike Lolanthe, which was drastically affected by top coat, Sunstruck didn't lose it's sparkle with top coat so my swatches all have KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat. 

Sunstruck direct light
Unfortunately I'm not the greatest at taking holographic photos.  While these do show the rainbows, they were much stronger in real life.

Sunstruck direct light
I also took some photos in my light box to get more of a feeling for its look in indirect light.  Still beautiful!

Sunstruck light box
Sunstruck light box

Finally, I did a fan brush gradient with Lolanthe that I stamped with MoYou London Suki 08 (which I purchased but it is currently in stock on the Color4Nails website if you're looking).  Don't they pair nicely together?  

I think this dusty rose is a lovely addition to the Color4Nails exclusive lineup.  If you're interested, it will be available on Friday, September 1, 2017.  Keep your eyes peeled for it then.    

Available at Color4Nails

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