Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Story Genres - Children's Stories

Hey there!  I really didn't want children's stories to be anywhere near the erotica stamping I posted the other day so it's here now for today's Digit-al Dozen Story Genres theme.  Ironically I'm a grown woman and really wanted to use this plate because I was reading an Alice In Wonderland story myself at the time.  I was reading Heartless, a Young Adult book by Marissa Meyer about the Queen of Hearts.  I quite like her takes on old school tales.  And in the book, I saw quite a few of the characters featured here.  So while my inspiration is more of a YA story, the origin is a children's book - one I just gave to my niece for her birthday yesterday!

All these stamping images came from MoYou London Alice In Wonderland 09.  I love that they look like proper illustrations.  I googled and I think they're actually the original story's illustrations.  But I've been staring at this plate since I got it way back in December not knowing how to use it.  I tried making decals with it for these but those were hideous!  

I ended up going with a smooshy base with OPI Rich Girls & Po Boys (since it looks almost like an Alice blue), My Boyfriend Scales Walls and You're So Vain-illa (to give it a more beige vintage look).

The stamping was done with Mundo de Unas Black and it was all finished with OPI matte top coat.  I'm looking at it now and Alice is looking a bit scary for a children's books but if that's how they chose to draw her, that was up to them.  Maybe she just stamped meaner than she originally looked...

That brings us to the end of the fourth Digit-al Dozen Story Genres day.  Swing back again tomorrow for the final design (which I love way more than I should).  In the meantime, check out my friends in the links below!

'Til next time...

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