Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Story Genres - Erotica

Hey there!  It's a late night post because today's Story Genre is soooooo racy.  When this month's theme was announced, I was sure it was one of my friend's ideas, Laurie from Dressed Up Digits.  She's not so into blogging anymore so I hope she's having more time for another one of her interests, erotic literature.  But it has to be good erotica (no first person, right Laurie?).  So that's my story genre today.  I do have the infamous sex plate but I didn't go that far for these.  They're just a little bit sexy.  On a related note, I did use the sex plate one and I felt so naughty...I still have the pictures but only one person ever has seen them!

The black base I used here is A England Camelot.  On my ringer finger I have a little negative space corset but since my nails are super stained, I did use some OPI Barre My Soul first.  

Then I got to the stamping, with Hit The Bottle Drop Red Gorgeous and Born Pretty Silver.

I used quite a few plates here: Pueen 90, Bundle Monster BM-416, 419 and 420, Lina Nail Art Supplies All About Love 01.  It's a good thing I have a pretty good memory for what's on my plates because otherwise it'd be really hard to find these!   

Well it's 10:30 pm my time right now so it's safe to post these adult-themed nails, right?  I hope so because they're going up!  And now I finally have time to check out some of the rest of the ladies' day 2 manis!  

'Til next time...

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