Friday, 18 August 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - End of Summer

Hey there!  In addition to being the end of the Digit-al Dozen's theme this week, it's also time for 26 Great Nail Art Ideas.  This week our theme was "End of Summer" which I refused to acknowledge since it's only the middle of August.  Then, at my ultimate game last week, I saw a little V of geese flying south.  My heart dropped.  That's a surefire sign of summer ending here.  I don't know where those geese go but I hope they know they made me very very sad!  On the plus side, they inspired today's nails.  That evening also had a beautiful sunset, as though the sky knew I needed to be cheered up a bit...

For these I went with my beloved KBShimmer cremes.  I used How You Dune? as a base because I was hoping it would make it a bit dustier.  Alas, KBShimmer's cremes are so opaque that it really didn't dull them.  The colors in my gradient are Chick Me Out, For Fox Sake, Pansy-Monium and Sky Jinks.

The most important part of the stamping was the geese so they got put on first.  Luckily Clear Jelly Stamper CJS LC-08 has a perfect geese formation stamp.

The trees look just like our trees here so I was so happy I remembered them.  They were all from Bundle Monster BM-S187.  I love their scenic stamps like that one!  The stamping was all done with Mundo de Unas Black and topped with HK Girl.  

So I'm still refusing to acknowledge the end of summer (despite the fact that I'm also seeing quite a few yellow leaves around here too) but there you have my "geese flying south" mani.  I guess some people might not have the same association with seeing these geese.  Is that just a Canadian thing??

'Til next time...

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