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UberChic Beauty Farm Fresh & Graduation Mini Plate Review

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Hey there!  Today I have a review of UberChic Beauty's newest mini plates - Farm Fresh and Graduation.  I grew up in the country and, while I wasn't from a farming family myself, I was surrounded by farms so my best friends were all farmers.  I spent many an hour sitting on tractors with my guy friends in high school while they were plowing fields and doing other farmer stuff that I never understood.  Nowadays, I'm in the city but I still buy from farmers markets (the food just tastes so much better) so I guess I still have a farm connection.  As for the graduations, it's been many a year since I graduated (I finished my PhD in 2007) but since I was in school for so darn long, I love to hear about other people also finishing school.  I wish I could've had something like these on my nails for my graduations!

Farm Fresh

The Farm Fresh plate was designed to honour Brittany's husband's country upbringing.  There's lots of cute animals, some plants and equipment - all the stuff that sounds like farms to me.  And, there's even lots of negative space!  As with all the mini plates, they measure 6 x 12 cm while maintaining the full size 17 x 21 mm images.  Obviously the individual images are smaller, with a wide range of sizes.  

As soon as I saw this plate, I knew I needed to use the more realistic-looking cow image.  Personally I'm a bit scared of cows (their eyes follow you AND a bunch of them ran over one of my friends in junior high and he was in the hospital for ages with a very broken leg) BUT I love this image.  Actually I really love how this mani turned out.  I used KBShimmer Double Pog Dare You as my bright blue base and stamped with Mundo de Unas Gold.  The cow was done with advanced stamping and Mundo de Unas Black and White.  

Since I love negative space, I first tried to use the negative space farm animals over a smooshy base but that ended up being a messy fail so I turned to the chickens.  These were stamped with Mundo de Unas Black over a gradient of China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, With Love and Color Club French Tip.  They're a bit messy but I blame that on the fact that I was doing these late Monday night.

Here's the graduation plate.  There's a few full-sized image including both a positive and negative space graduation cap image.  And lots of smaller individual images.  I think the text ones are pretty funny, particularly the Straight Outta School and the I Like Big Brains and I Cannot Lie.  The only issue with the text images is that they might be too big for some folks nails, though you could always try to shrink them with the Luxe Stamper if need be.  

My first grad mani is the sexy one - because smart really is sexy.  I used a sexy base of Vapid Lacquer Fire Starter.  I stamped everything first with Mundo de Unas Black and then double stamped the text and the sexy grad with Mundo de Unas White.  

For the next one I used FUN Lacquer Starry Night of Summer.  The stamping was done with Mundo de Unas Bronze or White.  I had issues avoiding the gaps in the text here but that's more likely from the polish or the stamper I used.  Plates don't usually cause those little bubbles in the images in my experience.  

I really think the graduation plate is going to be really popular amongst graduates (and their supporters).  At least I think everyone attending a graduation this year should be sporting some themed nails...but maybe that's just me!  As for the Farm Fresh plate, you really don't have to be a farmer to have to use these images.  Plus we should also be supporting our local farms - they help feed us!  

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