Tuesday, May 30, 2017

KBShimmer Multi Chrome Collection Swatches and Review

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Hey there!  Today I have one of the most beautiful collections I've had the pleasure of playing with in awhile - the KBShimmer Multi Chrome collection, which was provided by Color4Nails for me to review.  I'm sure a lot of you have already seen swatches of this collection but that's the joy of these multi chromes - they shift so much that more swatches just give you a different perspective.

This collection of 6 multi chrome polishes is very jewel-toned.  The colors are rich and vibrant and really quite elegant.  And, if you're anything like me, very very distracting.  Whenever I wear multi chromes I move my fingers this way and that way to watch the colors dance.  It's kind of like having northern lights on my fingers...but without having to stay up until the middle of the night!  The formulas on these were great.  They're not like the duo or multi chromes of old that had to be worn over black.  These are fully opaque and shifty on their own.  That being said, you could wear one coat over black for a similar effect however I swatched them as two thick or three thin coats each.  You can see a tiny bit of brushstrokes in the photos but they were very minor.  Actually I expected them to be much more brushstroke-y since they have such a metallic sheen to them.  Lastly, I finished all my swatches with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly On top and photographed them in a light box with artificial 5K bulbs.    

3 thin coats

"Chroma Chameleon is a vibrant shifting shade that morphs from a bright fuchsia pink, to a coppery rose, then a soft gold, to a spring green color when you change viewing angles. This polish will leave even the most talented chameleon jealous!"

The main color of Chroma Chameleon is a bright rose pink with a super easy shift to gold and green.  This one is one of the top two shifters in this collection and I love it!  

2 thick coats

"This shifty shade starts with a rich emerald green, which morphs into shades of teal and navy, finally flipping to a warm grape purple with hints of magenta and red. Flip Flop Hooray is truly spectacular, with its complex shifts based on viewing angles."

Flip Flop Hooray photographed a bit more teal than I saw in real life.  I saw it more as an emerald green (more like the main color on my ring fingers in both of these photos) with a strong teal and purple shift.  It's a mermaid polish!

3 thin coats

"Iridescent Exposure is a complex color shifting shade that starts with a dusty teal color. From the dusty teal, we see shades of cyan and blue, cool purples and rich magenta reds. This jewel toned shade is not to be missed!"

This is the dustiest of the colors in this collection, with the main color being a dusty blue that shifts to purple.  It's not the shiftiest but I love colors in this part of the color spectrum.  

2 coats

"It’s A Blazing is warm toned polish with an awe inspiring color shift reminiscent of fall. It starts with a warm, rich burgundy red color, then as your fingers move, a rich bronze shade pops out. At extreme angles, golden yellows and orange colors appear. This nail polish has more colors then a forest in autumn!"

It's A Blazing seems to be a pretty common multi chrome color these days but that doesn't stop it from being my favourite.  I love rich autumnal colours like these so much that I'll wear them all year round.  

3 thin coats

"Puns And Roses is a soft shade that starts by showing off a rosy pink color. As your viewing angle shifts, warm yellow gold and green hues pop through, with a hint of deeper green at the edges."

Puns and Roses is the other crazy super shifty multi chrome in this collection, along with Chroma Chameleon.  In fact, it's almost a dustier version of Chroma Chameleon.  They both have a mainly pink color with a shift to bronze and green but Puns and Roses has softer colors - more gold than fuchsia.  

2 coats

"More complex than the finest wine, at first look you see a warm burgundy shade, then you notice as angles change, that shades of purple, gold and bronze appear. Wine Not? is a shade that is absolutely not bordeaux-ing!"

Wine Not? isn't the most dramatic of the group but it is the most pigmented.  This was two easy coats of a mainly purple color with a burgundy shift.  From the bottle, it looks like it could go gold at extreme angles but I didn't notice that personally. 

Lastly I did a couple of stamped looks with all 6 of these polishes.  The first was some stamping decals colored in with the KBShimmer Multi Chromes and applied over black.  The stamping image here is from Leadlight Lacquer A06 (a subset of Messy Mansion plates).  The areas weren't really large enough to truly get a shifty effect, at least not in photos.  In real life you could see it if you focused on one spot at a time (which was difficult with so many colors).  

In the second one I tried to do a multi chrome blobbicure that was a total fail so, since the colors reminded me of jewels, I stamped some diamonds from Winstonia W412 in Born Pretty Silver stamping polish.  

If you're like me and love the rich bronze color of It's A Blazing, I highly recommend it.  But if you're after pure shifty goodness, check out Puns and Roses or Chrome Chameleon.  They'll keep you twisting your hands around all day long.  Just wear gloves if you're driving!  

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