Saturday, May 27, 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Lilac, Pink & Gold

Hey there!  Oops, I'm a day late for this week's instalment of 26 Great Nail Art Ideas.  I hope you forgive me!  This week our theme was Lilac, Pink & Gold - doesn't that sound like a lovely combination to you?  I knew I wanted to do a gradient with some stamping so I decided to try out Lina Nail Art Supplies blank image for my gradient from Make Your Mark 03.  It's not perfect but it makes such a fast gradient!

To use this blank stamping image, I started with a white base.  My first time around I used stamping polish that dries a bit quicker and it didn't work at all so I switched over to my trusted Mundos (the slowest drying stamping polish I've found).  Shockingly (if you consider the theme this week), I used Pink and Lilac as my stamping polishes.  

For the gold part of the prompt, I used Mundo de Unas Gold (again, shocking!) and another images off Make Your Mark 03.  I don't even know exactly what it's supposed to be but I thought it was a good sparse image for over the gradient.  I finished with KBShimmer Clearly On Top and and that was a theme complete!  

That's all for now.  If I'm not mistaken it's a long weekend down in the states so you guys play safe and have a great weekend!  If you have some downtime, feel free to browse the blogs below for more pink/lilac/gold nails. 

'Til next time...

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