Friday, May 5, 2017

Moonflower Polish Spring 2017 Review (partial)

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Hey there!  As a stamping addict, I love when brands made polishes designed for stamping.  And when those polishes can double as a regular polish, even better!  Well that's the case with the relatively new brand, Moonflower Polish.  Nadia was a nail blogger who is releasing her second collection of stamping polish today.  I reviewed the original Rainbow Cremes collection and while it's fabulous and made up of all the primary colors, I am a girl who loves a good pastel, especially in the form of a stamping polish that works over dark colors.  That is what the Spring 2017 collection is.  I received half of the collection to review.  I tested them out over black and white and even used them as a base for some whimsical stamping.  Let's get to it!  

The Spring 2017 collection is made up of a rainbow of stamping polish.  These are made with a slight shimmer.  It's not necessarily made to show up on the nail.  I could see the shimmer in the bottle but I could only detect it on the nail with Lemon, the pastel yellow, stamped over black.  She has said that these are made with a lot of white pigment so they might get "ugly bottle syndrome".  For anyone who doesn't know what that is, the bottle will appear like the pigment is separated but it isn't.  I have a few ugly bottles and the polish quality and application remains the same, it's only the bottle appearance that changes.    

In my previous review, I tested the Rainbow Cremes with a wide range of stampers.  For this review I stuck with a plain silicone stamper.  I had issues getting them to pick up with a clear stamper.  Nadia has suggested adding a few drops of thinner but I haven't tried that for these yet but I did do it to Noche and it worked, as you'll see in the last mani here.  I found the formula on these even easier to work with than the Rainbow Cremes.  They didn't dry as quickly so they were easier to transfer.  Here are the colors I received and the plates I paired them with.  I tried a variety of plate brands (including some with shallower etching) and they all worked easily.  Lemon doesn't really show up over white in photographs but that's to be expected of a pastel yellow.

pastel blue

plate: Moyra 21 (Retro)

pastel blue/green (definitely more green than blue)

plate: Lily Anna 01

pastel pink 

plate: Cici & Sisi 07

pastel yellow

plate: Lina Nail Art Supplies Spring 01

Lastly, I tested their opacity on their own with a quick watercolour-style gradient over white (Moonflower Polish Dia).  This is how opaque they are - this was one pass with the sponge.  Incredible!  I stamped with Noche with UberChic Beauty Unicorn Love (previously reviewed here).  I definitely needed the clear stamper for this so I'm glad the polish thinner trick worked for Noche.

There are another four polishes in this collection.  They are as follows:

Mango - pastel orange
Apple - pastel green
Periwinkle - pastel indigo
Moonflower - white

I'm think I might have to buy them knowing how much I use the Rainbow Cremes set for nail art.  I like pastel colors like these even more so I'm sure they'd get plenty of use, not just in stamping, but also in gradients and decals.

These polishes are available for pre-order starting today and continuing until May 12th.  Please note that there will be approximately a 2 week turn around time before shipment.

$9/15 mL bottle or $5/7 mL mini
$70/full set
Available at Moonflower Polish 

'Til next time...

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