Friday, May 19, 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Rainforest/Nail Crazies Unite does Delicate Print

Hey there!  Today is the 3-for-1 post that I mentioned yesterday.  I love trying to challenge myself to combine themes for the various groups I'm in and for today's mani I've combined three different prompts.  We have the final Digit-al Dozen Rainforest mani along with the Nail Crazies Unite's Delicate Print theme and the Nail Challenge Collaborative May theme of Green.  Hopefully everyone else thinks I've managed to combine the three at least half decently!  

For these, I used soooooo many green OPIs.  The base was Jade Is The New Black and on that I did smooshy marble with That's Hula-rious, I'm Sooo Swamped, Christmas Gone Plaid and Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window.

For the delicate pattern part of the mani, I found this image to use as inspiration when I google "rainforest patterns".  Then all I had to do was find a stamping plate that looked similar.  

image source

The image I found was from UberChic Beauty Lovely Leaves.  I stamped with Sally Hansen Jade Jump and then Konad White.  With that many fine lines it almost looks like spider webs.  They're probably pretty common in the rainforest too so that still works :-)

That marks the end of yet another Digit-al Dozen week.  It's been a great one, in my opinion.  And I can't wait to meet some of my group mates at Indie Expo in Toronto in a couple weeks.  How cool is that going to be?!  You can find their final Rainforest manis and all the delicate patterns and green manis from the other groups in the links below.  Now it's officially the start of my May long weekend so I'm immediately heading home so I can get to the cabin for a weekend of relaxation.  

'Til next time...

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