Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Snake Nail Stamping with ILNP Open Fields

Press  Sample
Hey there!  Today I wanted to show some stamping that I did awhile ago with one of the Creative Shop plates that I reviewed back in September.  After I got ILNP Open Fields, I thought the snake stamping would pair up nicely with the green multichrome flakie.  I love wearing these flakies as full coverage polishes (thank you to Cathy of More Nail Polish for teaching me to sponge these on to get this kind of look).  The stamping didn't turn out the greatest but the flakie polish makes this worth sharing anyway.

I guess I've pretty much already mentioned everything that went into this mani.  ILNP Open Fields was sponged onto all except the accent nail and stamped with Creative Shop 16 with Mundo de Unas Black.  I had some issues with the etching of the scale pattern so it didn't all transfer.

The snake is also from Creative Shop 16.  If you compare it to the original stamping image, you can really get a sense for how large the images are.  I just get a bit of the image onto my nails.  

For the snake I used the Advanced Stamping technique and applied it over OPI Samoan Sand.  Since colouring it in make it so thick, I skipped the top coat on the snake since I liked the 3D-ness of them.  

That's all I have for today.  Just one mani that I wore for nothing but fun.  No review, no group theme, no pressure!  

'Til next time...